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Crossing traffic 1000 feet below as seen from a 747. This was over the east coast of Russia.

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787 dreamliner contrail. Crossing traffic 1000 feet below as seen from a 747. This was over the east coast of Russia. ( עוד...

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Matt Kladder 12
When you hear "caution wake turbulence" this is what should run across your mind, beautiful to look at, not beautiful to fly through!
Richard Orgill 23
Beautiful and yet no matter how many times I try and explain vapor trails I still have three employees who believe the Gvt is spraying us.
Roy Hunte 13
Are they flat earther too? Lol.
MrTommy 3
Ahh, the old Art Bell chemtrail thingie . . .

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darjr26 13
As long as you wear your aluminum hat you’ll be fine.
Technically it's not a hat, it's a colander.
Robert Cowling 12
It's impossible to ban contrails. That would be like banning your breath in the winter.

"a trail of condensed water from an aircraft or rocket at high altitude, seen as a white streak against the sky."

I think the 'chemtrail' meme was started to allow idiots to self-identify by believing that lie. I have been surprised at the people that have been suckered into it too. Your car exhaust does the same thing too. It's CONDENSATION! Water vapor...
WhiteKnight77 2
The "chemtrail' phenomenon has been around since jet airliners became a thing. I ask those who think such about why life is still alive since contrails have been around since the 1940, as seen by high flying bombers over Europe. Surely after 70+ years we have sprayed enough chemicals to kill us all?
Robert Cowling 3
How contrails are formed:
El Kabong 11
You guys realize I was being sarcastic, right? There's been press blaming airliners for global warming lately which is like saying pencils cause bad grades.
Randy Barron 6
But Poe's Law requires you to add the /s sarcasm tag. There are plenty of folks out there who would type what you did but mean it seriously.
Robert Cowling 3
I did after I posted the last time. Yeah, I had someone who was so convinced that planes were 'spraying mind control chemicals' that they wrote letters almost weekly to their congresspeople urging them to completely kill the airline industry.
Robert Cowling 5
Seriously... We had a 'heated discussion' on chemtrails. I wanted to run away...
James Simms 0
AOC & Company
James Simms 1

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joel wiley 2
Did you write that on your phone and used 'dem' for 'them'? If you did, you saved one whole entire keystroke. /s
Lee Withers -1
That’s Dem as in Democrat
btweston 7
You aren’t very smart. Thanks for clearing that up.
joel wiley 0
Oh, I see. In contrast to the Republican snowflakes

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Randy Barron 4
How about the one who complains about being treated "unfairly, worse than anyone in history"? Kinda melty.
Worse than Garfield? That's saying something.
joel wiley 4
According to the OED's draft 2018 addition:
snowflake, n
originally and chiefly U.S. (usually derogatory and potentially offensive). Originally: a person, esp. a child, regarded as having a unique personality and potential. Later: a person mockingly characterized as overly sensitive or easily offended, esp. one said to consider himself or herself entitled to special treatment or consideration.

While I understand how you might characterize certain individuals on the liberal side of the political spectrum, it is incorrect to attribute the designation to all individuals who are not of non-liberal persuasion.

There are certain individuals carrying a Republican registration that aptly fit that category. I could, but decline to name names.

Enough troll-feeding, I'll stop now.
Lee Withers 0
I just like to pick on Democrats. 😁
joel wiley 0
Everyone needs a hobby ;-)
Lee Withers 2
Not really a hobby, just something to do once or twice a year
Lucius Gravely 4
The scary one is when the oncoming jet is 1000' above you, on the same airway, and coming at you. Now that looks scary!
Elliot Cannon 4
Lots of comments about contrails/chemtrails. What impressed me is how close the two aircraft were. I remember flying 1000 ft. over an ANA airplane just before joining the North Pacific tracks. This was just after they started RVSM. I remember commenting to my co-pilot, "yikes, that is really close".LOL
Great video. I always watch for these when travelling. Sure does freak some novice passengers out though.
Lou Boyer 3
I took this video. You might really like this one....
Bryan Nethery 1
Nice one, too... you might provide a little more context when you share links because that looked like click-bait. If I wasn't working behind one of the most secure firewalls in the free world, I probably wouldn't have clicked on it.
WhiteKnight77 2
How does a link that states YouTube ( look like click bait?
WhiteKnight77 3
That is an awesome video. Great find.
Lou Boyer 3
Thanks, I took the video.
tenxes 3
Spectacular. Rapidly closing on a steady bearing = intercept. Vertical separation is a good thing.
sharon bias 3
I think Steven Spielberg or Michael Bay could use that video in a movie. I bet on a large screen it would be scary.
bostonflight 2
Gary Hanson 2
Now you don't see that everyday!
dardav 2
take a pail of water, stand outside at -45C, toss it is the air. Instant condensation!!!!
Bob Harrington 4
Pretty sure that pail of water was already 'condensed'... ;^}
James Simms 1
Was TDY in Belgium during the Summer of ‘96. Wasn’t uncommon to go outside in the evening & just wee the sky crisscrossed by contrails
Jack Hendricks 1
"its just Snoop doggs private plane"
Robert Cowling 1
That looks frightening!
Supercool Marmol 1
on a 2+ year old video?
Randy Barron 6
I didn't see it two years ago, so I was grateful to have the chance today.
Lou Boyer 1
Thanks, I took this video.
alma tonini 0
the crossing traffic between the dreamliner and the 747 was not a bit too close for comfort? It happened on the russian coastline? is another story
paul gilpin 0
all that air up there. and they HAVE to fly within 1K feet of each other.
joel wiley 1
All that space in the Western States and the have to stay in the traffic lanes of the Interstates.

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