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AA Barred from KJAC Accident Investigation

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American Airlines allegedly removed the flight data recorder from one of its Boeing 757-200 aircraft -- which was involved in an overrun accident at Wyoming's Jackson Hole Airport -- before handing the device over to the NTSB. ( עוד...

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lavalampluva 0
IMO KJAC is just not a proper airport for the 757.
amraam 0
6300 x 150 with full ILS is perfectly sufficient for a B757 and I'm sure AA takes any necessary measures to make sure it is safe. Unfortunately for this crew they had an incident, and the FAA investigation will ensure that if there are any lessons to be learnt from it, they will. Plenty of overruns have occurred with similar aircraft on much longer runways in the past.
Gene spanos 0
You can't expect to police the chicken coup when
the COP is the head chicken little.
WallyBird 0
Regardless, it is a tight-fit. Many factors to consider: obviously, WX, runway condition, surface wind. Airport elevation is 6451'MSL at approach end of Rwy 19 with a slight downslope gradient. Like many similar high altitude airports (elevation in feet higher than runway length in feet), the pilots have to be "by-the-book" regarding weight, airspeed and aircraft landing configuration. Fortunately for all concerned, it turned-out well.

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