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Should Hawaiian Airlines Replace Their B717’s With A220’s?

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Hawaiian Airlines is currently battling against several issues. Southwest has recently launched flights to the island state, and if that wasn’t bad enough, is rumored to also be about to offer inter-island travel. In addition to that news, Hawaiian Airlines’ fleet of Boeing 717 aircraft (now at 18 years old, with the first delivered back in 2001) are starting to show their age. ( עוד...

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Cansojr 6
Absolutely yes, this is an ideal aircraft for the Islands. The 220 Airbus/Bombardier jet has a low noise footprint. It burns about 15% to 20% less fuel and that means less carbon for the atmosphere. The 220 is better just ask AIR BALTIC OR SWISS.
Cansojr 2
AIR BALTIC reported a significant and substantial savings for aircraft operation. It also means the more they save the on fuel which is critically important. At the same time fuel savings affect the overall business plan. SWISS AND AIR BALTIC would validate the savings made for the airline.

ian mcdonell -2
Should Hawaiian be allowed to decide what they want without garbage input for you armchair experts - YES
Cansojr 1
I happen to be a retired pilot with approximately 10,000 hours. So mind your manners from now on jughead.

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