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Airbus A220 Gains ETOPS 180 Approval

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The Airbus A220 has received the 180-minute ETOPS approval from Transport Canada, the country's civil aviation authority, allowing its operators to venture on transatlantic flights. “This A220 ETOPS milestone adds to the numerous performance capabilities which the unbeatable A220 family already offers,” said Florent Massou, Head of Airbus’ A220 Programme. ( עוד...

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Chris B 5
Good news. But if its to take over the KCY-JFK from the A319, it needs more fuel capacity. Reducing the passenger count will allow that to happen.
djames225 2
I take it you are referring to the LCY-JFK BA A319 Chris?
bentwing60 1
When you start emptyin seats for range you use another airplane! It's called "cost per seat mile".
djames225 3
I think he was referring to the BA Business only has 32 seats in it in a business class environment.
Torsten Hoff 1
Generally yes. But the A220 has a huge fuel efficiency advantage over the A319, so leaving middle seats empty for instance could still make economic sense and keep the passengers happy.
bentwing60 -1
If there were no CFO involved then I would agree, but they look at load factor as part of their "bonus" factor, ergo, no heavily traveled route will sacrifice load factor (empty seats) for range in the "long term". That's when they buy a Max or 320 or b300ER that's not available yet. You have noticed the 300 is a 5:1 book order ratio to the 100. wiki. That competes directly with the Max 7 by the by. The 500 is now a dream.
Wolfgang Prigge 2
If I remember correctly the original plan was to use dedicated aircraft with 40 businesses class seats on this route. That is 8 more seats than the current A319.
ADXbear 2
Yea.. i just got ESOPS FOR MY 172.. lol
lecompte2 1
Just the beginning of surprises from this great performing aircraft, now we know why Boeing is so afraid of it.
Cansojr -2
I just get very upset about changing the name of the Airbus 220. It was first designed and flown as the BOMBARDIER. 100/300. Airbus is taking all the credit of this aircraft. Bombardier was nearly destroyed by Comrade Trump and Boeing. Just keeping the record straight. Airbus was used to get the Bombardier Aircraft past the knee-jerk tarrif. It worked, only that it worked too well for Bombardier. At least global technology was used to build the first of the green jets. Cest la vie!

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