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Allegiant Retires the MD-80, Goes All Airbus

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Allegiant flew their last MD-80 flight last night. They are now an all Airbus carrier. That leaves just American and Delta left as MD-80 operators. ( עוד...

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SmokedChops 8
i fly from KDSM to KLAS on Allegiant. The place we stay at in Vegas is across Tropicana from 19R. There was something reassuring about a pair JT8D's lighting up on departure. That said, the last time out, the Mad Dog we were on was delivered to SAS in 1988 - that is a spectacular career. Hopefully this update will cut down on some of the bad press. That and the a$$burn-of-death seats on the MD will NOT be missed. Wonder how many left seat jockeys will also retire with the birds? Happy retirement to all involved!
John D 12
From The article:"With the introduction of the Airbus A320 in the early 2000s, we started to see major airlines announce retirement plans for their Michael Douglas aircraft and begin selling their used MD-80s."
Michael Douglas has an aircraft line named after him?
Proof reading is such a list art....
John D 7
...and the irony of my missing an error I made and no apparent way to edit or delete the comment
Viv Pike 2
glen krc 1
I assumed your errors were on propose.
Lorin Toews 3
I saw what you did their
scott8733 1
Well, at least better than being named the HF-80. Those couldn't discern a taxiway from an approach.
patrick baker 3
md-80 was a noble bird, big panel, a busy aircraft, but American sure loved them for years- i think they had fmore than 250 of them...Let's not pat alliegiant too much on the back for ridding themselves of an aged problem aircraft no matter how sweet the history.. All the DC-9's, from the short 10 series up to the last of the stretched aircraft, have a honorable history as those who flew them or on them recall. MD-80, the energizer airliner......
Kevin Haiduk 1
I wonder how long until the last AA one.
James Simms 1
Being such a workhorse for them, Delta or American should put one of their own in their museums. That said, there are a few that’ll keep running around as cargo birds for the foreseeable future.

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btweston 1
Nope. Most of their 320s are pretty new. Lol.
SmokedChops 1
compared to the MD-80 series (several of which were built during the late Reagan Administration, 2005 for A320 is pretty new indeed. Compared to the newest B-52H still in service (56 years minimum) these A320 are showroom new - granted, oversight on BUFF HMX is somewhat more stringent and closely followed. New is relative. If the plane can't drink/vote, it is still relatively young.
Tim Eichman 1
Then again, the owners of the B-52H's take better care of their equipment...
SmokedChops 2
that would be us...(US taxpayers) That and their budget for HMX is somewhat larger.

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