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Qantas Flight 32: The View From The Flight Deck

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Aviation journalist Tim Robinson sat down with David Evans, who was one of the two check captains on board Qantas Flight 32 (in addition to the crew in command) when one of the A380 VH-OQA's four Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 exploded shortly after takeoff on November 4. Includes a photo from the flight deck of the crippled bird flying back to land. ( עוד...

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mattdavis 0
This was incredibly interesting to listen to. I think the most impressive part of the whole ordeal was the crew's willingness to be so methodical in going through the ECAM messages, carefully deciding what messages to comply with, and what messages not to comply with. Even though they were not very far from the airport, they spent 2 hours troubleshooting and making sure everything was right. Lesser pilots would have been tempted to get that plane on the ground as fast as possible, and probably would have had less than optimal results.

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