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"Lawmakers call on TSA to release X-ray inspection records"

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"The calls by lawmakers came after the TSA didn't respond to USA TODAY's repeated requests since Nov. 26 to review equipment records that would show whether the X-ray machines are properly monitored and maintained." ( עוד...

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David Ford 0
I guess that means hospitals need not worry about monitoring the safety of their X-ray equipment either. What a corrupt government!
Ronald Padgett 0
Interesting. "After inquiries from congressional staff Friday, Kimball said the TSA will try to make recent inspection reports available to USA TODAY but they will first need to be reviewed for sensitive security information. He could not say how long that would take."

What kind of 'sensitive security information' would be held on an inspection report?? Nor does it appear that the TSA knows what that information "might" be.

I feel safer with these guys checking out my crotch, anyone else?
Matt Comerford 0
guess we have to wait for the wikileak to see the facts! ha
Joel Rodriguez 0
Matt, you couldn't have said it better.
Bruce Mellinger 0
No one has mentioned the use of TAS scanners to mass scan the public for preexisting medical conditions. We the scanned do not know the true resolution of the scanner no matter what the government tells us. Currently TSA is conditioning the public to be scanned with no attachment of a person's ID. Once the public is conditioned to being scanned, TSA will attach your government ID to your scan and store your scan. With the new government health insurance plans coming on line, you may not be treated since you have a "preexisting" condition. I don't think the real issue here is about possible health risks if full-body scanners malfunction.
JOhn LEe 0
Who says it isn't being done now. What's wrong with profiling. If that is a bad word then use another such as selective screening or individual service. Hunches, The irs and police profile us all the time. Obama profiles the rich for selective IRS rules. Mortgagors profile all the time as do banks. Why should air travel be exempt? Foreign travel uses different criteria. We have never caught anyone yet at the gate. The only one caught was at Vancouver where the officer profiled the suspect and found a truck load of explosives.

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