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Wingtip ADS-B Solution Nearing Certification

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SkyBeacon works with existing transponders, and installation is relatively simple, requiring connection of power, ground, and if equipped, a strobe wire, then configuration using a mobile app. SkyBeacon replaces the original navigation light and strobe with its own built-in LED nav and strobe lights. ( עוד...

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Jonathan T-Cole 2
lwqcz 0
And what about data about selected flight level, speed, altitude, selected flight level, tcas ra and so on ?
Daniel Baker 5
All the values you're describing are part of Mode S and/or Comm B. This is for 978/UAT ADS-B, not 1090. 978 is only available below 18,000ft and used by smaller aircraft that generally wouldn't have any of the features you've considering.

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