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Australian airline Qantas has told staff to use 'gender appropriate' terms

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Australian airline Qantas has told staff to use ‘gender appropriate’ terms and avoid saying ‘husband and wife’ because it may offend the LGBTI community. ( עוד...

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Ric Wernicke 2
There are certain words that should never be used to describe people simply because they exist to demean and belittle individuals.

Only those with a political agenda would demand society as a whole discontinue using words that politely describe other people. I would like to invite them to approach my posterior with affection.
Neil Mason 3
Is the "squawkwer" here getting negative "ejects" because of the nature of the story? Is that how this works? If you don't like something that was "squawked", give it a negative?

Just curious..

I thought “husband and wife” was gender correct.
joel wiley 0
... and Qantas should change it's name to Quantas to avoid offending English speaking grammarians who expect that a "Q" should always be followed by a "U" . . .
You just flew over the heads of about 50%. Lol
Cansojr -9
That's enough, we are sick of the politically correct crap with with reports coming
in from everything one except the truth. I do not recall having seen this behaviour or any cause for my LGBTI to complain. But this is utterly barking madness. We are sick of this political behaviour. Whats wrong with a clearly effeminate gay selling a coke. However,is this display of Gay political activism is taking research away from the killers, lungs,heart and throat and especially and metstatic cancer spread all over the body until. There fund raising has been very poor. Most homosexuals reverted back to the days of unlimited homosexuality. By this I mean they continue their disgusting behaviour. The AIDS wonder drug's have a limited shelf life. They thought they could continue this exceptionally with the impact of them. I think of the millions of hemophillicas who died because of homosexual irresponsibility. Millions died because the CDC, DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH didn't know what our how to test for this or even for people who wanted it. The AIDS became the center of everything.
Cansojr -9
What are the "politically correct "NAZI'S. up till now. " What are they jabbering endlessly about their Why we should grant this group special priviledges? They are forever whining about abuse that ended well more than 2 decades ago. Nevertheless these should wear signs of people at risk. They should list all the nasty things their employer or what some private citizens harmed them. I believe in "EQUAL RIGHTS" FOR ALL". However, I am sick to death of what I can think or say anything that goes against the New doctr. George Orwell was absolutely correct in "1984". Today we must speak in "right thought", "right speech" "right history" and "the government prosecutes deviants who don't have "the right attitude". "You will be sent for rehabilitation and mind control". You won't be able to discern their thoughts from your own.

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