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Boeing may establish a Joint Venture with Embraer instead of acquisition

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Sao Paulo - After being rejected by the Brazilian Government to transform Embraer into a subsidiary of Boeing, the US giant presented a second proposal that seems to have pleased the Brazilian manufacturer and politicians in Brazil. ( עוד...

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canuck44 5
I didn't read in the article that the proposal "pleased" the manufacturers and the politicians. If in fact the commercial and executive divisions are supporting aspects of the defense division, it is doubtful the military will buy into this. They probably don;t want the engineering talent diverted from their projects to Boeing's. It would seem to me that Boeing needs this more than Embraer.
Mike Boote 3
Boeing definitely needs this more than Embraer. Boeing was totally out-maneuvered by Bombardier and Airbus.
canuck44 3
Certainly Airbus came out on top but I would not give them credit for out maneuvering Boeing which was counting on its political clout to carry the day. Unfortunately for Boeing they ran up against four judges who used common sense and Airbus was there to clean up while Boeing left the bar without a date. I could finish the analogy but this is a family forum.
Fred J. 2
As a Brazilian, I would love it this theory was true, but I have to disagree. I think that - maybe not today - but certainly in the near future, Embraer will need Boeing's strength in marketing, service and sales. Especially if Boeing doesn't get their way and end up in a future partnership with the likes of Mitsubishi or Comac...

I fully agree that all of this is Boeing's doing. They thought they had the upper hand and tried to bully a competitor who was not even a fully direct competitor today, but ended up pushing Bombardier's CSeries into Airbus arms and, the cherry on the cake, got a ruling against them in the end... I just hope the people that plan Boeing corporate strategies are not the same that plan how to assemble the planes...
Way to go!

I don't know if this deal will go through though. There are lots of headwinds to overcome on this side of the deal (the Brazilian side).

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