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China Southern 777 wing clips Kuwait 777

A China Southern Airlines Boeing 777-300ER's right wing tip struck a Kuwait Airways aircraft on 6 January at New York's John F. Kennedy International airport, causing damage to both jets. ( More...

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dardav 3
I dunno but how on earth does this keep happening. Just had the WJA and SWG clipping the other day at YYZ with a fire started to boot. Who the bleep is watching for two big things coming that close to each other. Head scratcher..
s2v8377 1
Bad employees, under trained, and that don't care. The airlines get what they pay for!!!
djames225 3
Nothing to do with airlines..both incidents were under tug control.
djames225 1
This 1 wasnt, however, under tug this case the pilots need glasses
djames225 2
These dang tugs have got to get ice tires on them..both instances at YYZ and JFK were under tug control and Im betting the tugs slid on the ramps...either that or the drivers need glasses.
Shenghao Han 1
I think we will get more of those "wing shakes" when the 777X rolles out
Do they not use wing walkers?
Ric Wernicke 0
Yes, but this guy thought he was supposed to walk on the wing.
Frank Harvey 0
And what happens when airport management contract with the lowest bidding temp agency to supply wing walkers and that agency sends hastily "trained" minimum wage new hires from their road repair flagging crew pool but with no experience of a/c operations ? "Just walk along and make sure the end of the plane isn't going to hit anything". "You didn't tell me when the front end went right the back end moves that far left". "I yelled but no one heard me because of the engine noises".


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