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NBC News In Depth Analysis on Air Travel Changes over Decades

Elbow-to-elbow seating, oversized comfort pets, midcabin standoffs — and passengers armed with their smartphones. A new era in air travel has some Americans tweeting mad. ( More...

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bentwing60 1
Kinda puts the price of GA in perspective these days, some folks can and will pay "anything" to avoid ridin the airlines. Or go to the airline terminal to deal with the TSA and watch "wait for it", CNN. Look at the Gulfstream order book. No real mystery to some of the folks here. Any seat in the back now seems like penance to me for having had the privilege of sitting in either front seat for so long, or maybe it's not just me. They used to wear suits and dresses to ride on a DC3. Now, they wear pajamas. JMHO and congrats. on the new digs DB.


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