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Thousands stranded in New Zealand after digger punctures jet fuel pipe

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New Zealand has been hit by a severe shortage of jet fuel, with thousands of domestic and international passengers stranded after a digger struck an airport supply pipe in Auckland, the country’s biggest city. International and domestic flights have been affected, with airlines told to fill plane tanks to capacity in other domestic airports before flying to Auckland, and long-haul international flights told to plan for re-fuelling stops in Australia and the Pacific Islands, according to Air New… ( עוד...

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Chris Bryant 5
Trying to find Middle Earth?
QuickBurn 3
That explains why I saw ANZ6 stopping in Fiji on its way to LAX..
caminham 4
Yep. I've enjoyed it in Wellington. We've had 777s and 787 coming here for fuel. A nice change for the regular A320, 737, ATR72, and DHC8s.
travistx 2
NZ$15mil? That's an expensive "oops"!
matt jensen 1
I guess they don't have 811 DIG there?
caminham 2
We do! (but not 811). And huge signs marking where the pipeline runs.
Dave Nosek 1
15 days to repair a broken pipe, something is rotten in New Zealand.
Andre Duijnmayer 1
The official version is that the pipeline was damaged many years ago by a digger, scraping the protective layer away.
Over time the rust managed to get hold and get through and finally the pipe ruptured.
They managed to shit it down pretty quickly, but it does make you wonder about possible contingency plans that could have developed over the years to cater for such an event.
Typical kiwi 'she'll be right' attitude.

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