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Daniel Baker 0
Nicely done!
Matt Haines 0
Second that...
Jmumman 0
you should drive down to San Jose and do some planespotting there...I live in San Jose :)
britoca 0
@jaspreet check out my youtube channel, I do that at SFO quite often, that's where you get the big birds
calbert 0
Jmumman 0
@britoca got it. subsribed too.
Duane Fletcher 0
Robert Fleming 0
That was beautiful.....however....anyone on the GG Bridge at that time that didn't know what was going on (because they were living under a rock previously and didn't know about Fleet Week) would've probably had to check their shorts after seeing a huge plane flying so close to the bridge! WOW....that was fantastic!!!!!!
Skye777 0
Awesome! I was trying to find a place to park my car at this point, I was hoping someone on FlightAware had a decent video of this :)
Bill Butler 0
Usually we fly under bridges. But big machines moving close to the ground in other than landing mode are truly impressive. Great shot!
OBOY OBOY! Wish I'd been there.
Howard Blah 0
The pilot's gotta have a lot of guts to do something like that
kelly stein 0
OMG this was fantastic to watch! Instead of buzzing a tower, he buzzed the Golden Gate!!! LOL
Jmumman 0
people, people, it was an air show, the people did know what was happening in the sky. the 74' did the flyby because it was part of the airshow.
Robert Fleming 0
It was risky, and that's what made it an awesome video, along with the SPEED shot with WHEELS UP! Just curious but anyone know if that plane had passengers on it, or was it empty? Also I heard someone close to the camera say something about that looking like a Kia Tak Airport sight. Is it really that bad? (the airport, not the sharp turn)
Steve Harjer 0
Thank you to United and the organizers of Fleet Week for doing that.That was impressive.

** Make note to self: United Airlines has done this most every year, during FLEET WEEK .. with the blessing of the FAA. Aircraft WAS NOT as low over the bridge as it may appear, that too, was regulated by .. the FAA. For 2010, I look at the entire show as a tribute to the residents of San Bruno,Ca who recently faced tragedy, in the gas line incident.
NPS Rasmussen 0
Eldon Thomas 0
Soo Sweet!! Nice!!

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