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Alaska Air CEO on replacing Virgin America's Airbus jets with Boeing jets

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As you know already, or probably now hearing. Alaska Airlines will be acquiring Virgin America in 2019. And now with all the Airbus A320 family aircraft acquired from Virgin America, just what Alaska Airlines are planning to do with them? The CEO of Alaska Airlines explains the future of the Airbus aircraft in the URL below. ( עוד...

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linbb -1
It is always better to have one brand than two or more due to ease of operation and repair of them. A good friend years back while working for Alaska wrote a paper about that for them.
Would not really matter which manufacture but they are geared for Boeing and know them well so its the best way to go.
Sorry Airbust fans but things don't always go your way on things even on here.
matt jensen 1
Even if the Airbus fleet was younger and had fewer problems?
Aaron Harris 1
Every aircraft will have issues here and there. But for a young fleet is quite surprising.

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