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American and United airlines viral abuse passengers hire same lawyer

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The woman seen sobbing in a viral video after an American Airlines flight attendant took away her stroller now has a lawyer — the same attorney representing a man dragged off a United Express flight earlier this month. The Chicago lawyer, Thomas Demetrio, says the American flight attendant was “out of control” and nearly hit one of the woman’s two young children with the stroller. ( עוד...

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linbb -2
First dummy all he had to do was get up and walk out instead of howling like a little girl. He full well knew what he was doing had his doctors licence suspended for a time also previous.
Watch them line up to sue for anything now. Watch ticket prices go up also.
Brad Littlejohn 4
First off, whatever issue he had previously in his life HAS NO RELEVANCE on the actions that occurred that night. The very fact that you try to character assassinate Dao with something not even relative to the incident says more than enough.

Second, how immediately you go after the passenger and not question the procedures used by RPA/UAL on that flight and not going through all of their procedures says even more. As mentioned in the Ask The Pilot blog, the entire crew there lacked any sort of critical thinking and problem solving that could have led this incident to a different outcome. Failure #2.

And finally, I note how you have absolutely nothing to say regarding the FA on the AAL flight, who clearly did hit the passenger, and dared another to hit him.

You seriously may want to go back through these and see what really happened instead of jumping on the idiocy bandwagon, though that may already be too late.
Roy Hunte 1

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