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An In-depth Look at Boeing’s Very First 737

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The first flight of the Boeing 737 took place 50 years ago on April 9, 1967, and Airways marks the anniversary taking a look at the first 737 ever built. ( עוד...

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SkyVoice 5
Congratulations, Boeing!!! As long as airplanes are made in Washington state, there will likely be a line turning out whatever constitutes the contemporary version of the 737. I remember seeing my first one back around 1970. I grew up in Richmond, Kentucky, and Piedmont Airlines had a 737-200 serving its early evening LEX-TRI flight. Once, when it flew overhead climbing up to cruise altitude, I pointed it out to a friend of mine. He looked up, watched it & said, "So?" To him, it looked like another routine flight. We had no idea just how ubiquitous the 737, the -200 & all of her later models, would become!
Russ Brown 5
Grew up in West seattle just over the hill from Boeing. Remember how they tested jet engines at night. Was out on lake washington when Tex Johnson and and Co-pilot Gannet rolled the first 707. Watched the first 727 take off from the renton plant. It had to land at Boeing Field because runway at Renton was to short for a landing. Watched on TV first flight of 737. Local nick name "Guppie".
Missed out on 747 and 787. Come on Lazy B what's next?
Rick Putnam 3
I'm not affiliated with the airline industry. But going through the history of the Boeing 737 was fascinating. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in airplanes. (I think I must have gotten to the history (including video) from Flight Aware. But I see you can get to it from this page too.
cougardad 3
boeing hit a home run with the 737, I love flying it as it handles like a lite twin (CE-310 - PA 34) the P&W JT8D engines were the best.
Greg Thibodeaux 2
I remember as a school boy, they had a picture of it in the newspaper with the title 'LBJ'.
Which caught your attention because, LBJ was also the reference to the president at the time, Lyndon Baines Johnson...
but in this case they said it meant 'little bitty jet'.
I can surely see how it looked like a guppy in retrospect, especially when compared to the long, more powerful beauties it has evolved to.
Greg- California
( Airline watcher and admirer of all of you who are in the industry!)
Larry Horton 2
Always liked being a passenger in 737s. In the day it was DC9s or 737. Always bumped my head standing up in the DC9. What can I say, it's the little things.
Morris Reddic 1
The "27" is my favorite Boeing, but the "37" is the sweetheart of the family!
She just so fat and cute, and the winglets realy bring out her beauty!
Happy anniversary, Baby Boeing!
gerardo godoy 0
It was a killing machine!!!

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