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Colombia on New Zealand's radar following air services deal

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New Zealand has signed an air services agreement with Colombia and is making progress in a range of deals that will make it easier to travel to countries in Central America, Africa and Europe. Negotiations are also under way with China, where the maximum number of flights has almost been reached and more Chinese airlines are ''banging on the door'', said Transport Minister Simon Bridges. ( עוד...

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theboeing747godlyexpert 2
OMG imagine the Drug dealers bringing there drugs to NZ Air NZ's reputation would go down hill. I remember years back they sold a Douglas DC8-52 to the cartel ZK-NZC stored at Majove after it was ceased and repossessed
b738airindiaexpress 1
I hope they serve apple turnover with the white icing sugar sprinkled on top ot the pastry or is that
another white powder substance to sniff HA HA
tokomarutui747 1
I would be in for that desert and more white powder coated all over my mouth
Roy Hunte 1
Aircraft are stored at Mojave desert not Majove, there is no place called Majove.
b738airindiaexpress 0
What are you on about. This story is not about Majave?. Hello anyone in there

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