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Flybe DH8D from Edinburgh to Amsterdam suffers Collapsed gear on touch down in heavy winds

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A Flybe de Havilland Dash 8-400, registration G-JECP performing flight BE-1284 from Edinburgh,SC (UK) to Amsterdam (Netherlands) with 59 people on board, landed on Amsterdam's runway 22 at about 16:55L (15:55Z) but came to a stop on the runway with the right main gear collapsed. ( עוד...

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Jeffrey Michonski 1
I believe the "wind" is windmilling the propeller
mike SUT 1
Once sure to grab all your luggage from the overhead bins as you exit the aircraft and totally hold up the process of an emergency evacuation....because your spare pair of underpants are worth more than a human life anyday......morons
Sam Johnson 1
It appears to me that today people only think of themselves and to hell with the rest of us. You are absolutely correct. The majority has turned into morons.
Taylor Jones 1
At first I was very confused, I didn't realize that there was a break in the first video. I was trying to figure out how everyone was evacuating just a few seconds after touchdown. I know this plane is smaller (therefore limited ability to take bags and belongings in the cabin), but it looks like the people were evacuating promptly and with nothing more than their coats. This is a stark (and nice) contrast to AA 383 a few months ago, where news reports showed photos and video of passengers egressing with all sorts of carryon bags and whatnot.

The left engine appears to be shut down. The props appear to be feathered and winding down. It takes a few moments for free turbine engines to totally spool down. Someone mentioned high winds and that could definitely contribute to some windmilling. Smaller free turbines like the PT6 have the props tied down to secure them. You can walk up to a King Air or similar airplane and just turn the props by hand, and even a mild wind will spin them too.
dmanuel 1
Is there a reason the port engine (appears) to continue to run while passengers are evacuating?
Kris Durbin 1
Wind. 46KT gusts at the correct angle.
Roy Hunte 1
They also run it if there is no apu to run the lights, I don't think the DH8D has an apu.
30west 1
Emergency lights are battery powered, no need for engines/APU running to power them. All evac checklists that I have ever seen call for shutting down the engines.

It appears that the crew took a bit longer shutting down the L engine, but it was spinning down during the video.

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