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Is This for Real? Etihad and Lufthansa in Merger Talks

News from an Italian paper that Etihad is about to buy a 30-40% stake in Lufthansa - and even possibly merge into one airline. ( More...

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Really????!!!!!! well...definetlly we are facing the end of the world.........what´s next???
IF THEY JOIN STAR ALLIENCE then OK - but it's still the end of the world
Smoke is rising
Beware of a fire

Lufthansa and Etihad in merger talks, says report

Sems that same Italian source is keen to start the grapevine.
Or what ?
Highflyer1950 1
My guess is they can't get into the US market as much as they would like so they buy up interests in Alitalia and Lufthansa......who is next?


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