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Accident: Condor B753 near Las Palmas on Mar 22nd 2013, odour on board causes 2 flight attendants to pass out

This is definitely not "light" reading. The investigation into this event revealed circumstantial evidence suggesting that several crewmembers were affected by contaminated cabin air that was being supplied by the aircraft’s air conditioning system. ( More...

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joel wiley 2
Very interesting. "nocebo effect" rarely pops up in light reading.
AVHerald seems to be having a fundraiser. Donated via paypal.
ToddBaldwin3 1
It's an area I've had some interest in for some time. The report answered a number of questions I've had about some of the tests performed on flight crew after one of these incidents.
juan Losada 1
That was the american pilot took away its shoes... certainly.


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