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F.B.I investigates if East Hartford plane crash was intentional

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1 dead after plane crashes in East Hartford in front of Pratt & Whitney ( עוד...

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(CNN)Investigators believe a plane crash that killed a student pilot was intentional, a federal official said Wednesday.

The Piper PA 34 twin-engine light aircraft went down Tuesday afternoon in East Hartford, Connecticut, police said. The crash happened near Pratt & Whitney, a manufacturer of aircraft engines for both civil and military aviation.

The flight instructor, who survived the crash, told first responders and investigators he got into an altercation with the student pilot, which resulted in a struggle in the cockpit, a US official with direct knowledge of the investigation said.

The official said it appeared that the student pilot, whose name was not released, was frustrated with his family and had said he was being forced to become a pilot.
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FBI Probing Conn. Plane Crash to See If It Was Intentional

The feds are now on the case of a plane that crashed in Connecticut Tuesday afternoon, killing its student pilot, NBC News reports.

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