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Amsterdam Airport Schiphol celebrates 100 years with amazing time-lapse animation

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What started as a humble grass strip in the first part of the 20th century has now evolved into a massive hub of transportation connecting all of Europe. Watch this beautiful rendering visualize the evolution ofAmsterdam Airport Schiphol over its one hundred year history. ( עוד...

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Jim DeTour 4
I wonder what WW2 records show on bombing missions on that airport show. Just wondering if their is much unexploded ordinance that penetrated deep like they find around England at times even these days. Anyway video just went darkened during WW2 era instead of showing any clobbering.
ToddBaldwin3 2
Typically, in European countries that were subjected to bombing, part of the building permit includes an assessment for UXO.
John Skerencak 2
Wow! Wonderful presentation! From wood and fabric bi-planes to the A-380 in 100 years! From a grass field to a world class super hub for aircraft in the same time span! Great job by the CGI artist, better than a trip in person to this old timer! Thanks!
ThinkingGuy 3
I was watching it with the sound turned down, and the theme music from "Game of Thrones" kept popping into my head.
Betty O 1
Loved it! Great to see how much it grew and in what time frame. SIM Airport should be a new game!
David Restrick 1
Having flown in and out of Schiphol a number of times, it is great to see this quick video presentation of the airport's development. It is one of the great airports of the world, and it is a delight to spend time there between flights. Congratulations!
Supercool Marmol 1
nice, although i wonder if there's a straight overhead view, to see how the land expanded out for the field.
Dr John Quinn 0
Beautiful! I was told that the name means "ship's hull", from remnants found on the land cleared for the site...
Andre Duijnmayer 2
What i got told as a kid, living in the vicinity of the airport, was that it was named like ship's 'hole', as it used to be an inland sea, and in that particular area, a lot of ships got shipwrecked.
Sean van Koutrik 4
Schiphol Airport lays in the municipality Haarlemmermeer, which used to be a giant lake, with a connection thru het "IJ" to Pampus and the Zuiderzee (nowadays the Markermeer and eventually IJsselmeer).
The lake was drained in 1849-1852.
The north east section was used for ships, to berth in the proximity of the city of Amsterdam.
With strong southwesterly winds, a lot of ships perished in that area.
Another word for grave is hole (in dutch "hol"), so the nickname 'scheepshol' eventually became Schiphol.

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