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How John Hansen Saved A 747 From Crashing

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Former Northwest Airlines Capt. John Hansen flew the airline's Boeing 747 route from Detroit to Toyko for years. In 2002, the plane tried to kill him and 400 passengers. This is the never-before published story of how he saved them. ( עוד...

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Norman Bessant 0
Wow, this is what experience does !
Merv Thornton 0
I am very impressed with the story. However, I am curious as to what the actual failure was and has there been an addendum to the emergency manual as to how the flight crew could fix this type of problem should it arise again?
bob guichard 0
I am supprised there is no procedure to remove hydraulics in the case of a suspected hard over
Rob Olson 0
How "John Hansen" saved a 747?? I counted three other pilots on that plane too. Did they just sit there in awe of John and did nothing?

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