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Iran Reaches Deal to Acquire Boeing Planes

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Iran said it had reached an agreement with Boeing Co (BA.N) for the supply of jetliners on Tuesday, reopening the country's skies to new U.S. aircraft for the first time in decades under an international deal to ease sanctions. ( עוד...

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Don Derham 3
Why would this be a surprise? Why do you think congress didn't fight the Iran nuclear deal to give Iran 150 billion? Boeing paid off the congress to get the plane order!
Thomas Auxter 2
I prefer the modified Beech Boy song, "Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran!"
SFOBro 1
Wait, what about WMDs and how we're going to..........ay yi yi.
They hypocrisy just blows my mind.

If this one single article doesn't tell you that money is more important
than EVERYTHING else, then all of us are sheeple wearing very dark glasses.

Very sad.
Cade foster 0
Boy, like this doesn't have the potential to come back and bite us....

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