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Thunderbird F-16 Crashes After AFA Graduation

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An Air Force Thunderbird crashed after a performance at the Air Force Academy graduation outside of Colorado Springs. ( עוד...

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Hanley Mack 9
Yeah, 2 in 1 day is odd, but 2 in the same team position!?!?!? Both of the aircraft were #6 Opposing Solo aircraft/position in each team. That's downright weird. From what I've seen the BA pilot rode it in, to steer the jet away from people and buildings. Rest In Peace Capt Kuss
Mike Mohle 3
Exactly, when I heard about the second incident I just assumed that the "media" mixed up Tbirds vs. Blue Angels as most people do not really know the difference (like "Piper Cubs" and Lears being the only GA airplanes the public can ever remember).
Bernie20910 1
The BA pilot was also from Colorado
sno34 -4
It seems not unusual that one would be more prone to crash since it involves flying head on one against 5 into the rest of them.
linbb -1
UM go find something to comment about that you understand like why birds fly and fish swim.
Amy Cockrell 4
prayers for the family
vector4traffic 2
At those altitudes do they have time to re-light an engine if it flames out from jet wash?
Travis Mauldin 2
Sorry About the duplicate squawk, usually it tells me when there is another one with the same subject.
James Simms 1
Though notaviation related, throw in the soldiers lost @ Ft. Hood flood incident. Bad day for the military all the way around.
ric lang 1
ric lang 0
I certainly don't wish to appear callous concerning this event, particularly due to the seriousness of the event, and aware that I wasn't in the airplane during this misadventure that caused the pilot to punch out, but in view of the astounding condition of the airplane that "self landed" itself, I am reminded of Bob Hoover's statement concerning airplane "accidents". "If it's not on fire and no significant portion of the airplane is missing, fly it into the crash". Just saying!
ric lang 1
Don't wish to seem callous considering the seriousness of this event, but it seems odd that the airplane seems to have "landed" itself with astoundingly little damage overall. I realize I wasn't in the airplane so have NO idea as to why the pilot punched out, but it would seem to me, following Bob Hoover's advice, that in this situation (no fire, and no significant part of the airplane missing)why didn't he fly it into the crash? Just saying.
Rob Claybrook 3
F-16s have a hydrazine fueled emergency power unit for hydraulics. I wouldn't want to be a part of a forced landing anywhere near hydrazine if I was sitting on a bang seat and had the option to split after pointing the plane some place safe.
ric lang 2
OH NO!!!! SORRY FOR THE DUALITY. I don't know how to post stuff on this site. Sorry!
Mike Mohle 1
2 in 1 day WTF?
Travis Mauldin 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Thunderbirds jet crash near Colorado Springs punctuates Air Force Academy graduation show

An F-16 fighter jet of the Air Force Thunderbirds flying team crashed south of Colorado Springs minutes after wrapping up an air show over the Air Force Academy graduation Thursday.

The pilot of jet No. 6 safely ejected about 1:15 p.m., Air Force sources said.

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