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LAX to SFO flights from United Airlines move to biofuel blend

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On Friday, United Airlines announced that its flights between Los Angeles International Airport and San Francisco International Airport will now be partly powered by a biofuel mix supplied by an LA-based company called AltAir Fuels. United runs four or five flights between LAX and SFO every day, and it will fill these planes up with a combination of 30 percent biofuel and 70 percent traditional jet fuel, according to the Washington Post. The biofuel portion of the mix will be made with a range… ( עוד...

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James Wilson Jr 4
lowering the life of a turbine engine ?
Gayla Maas 2
When maintenance and replacement costs increase, it is going to prove to be an expensive experiment.
Ronnie B. 2
Hopefully that garbage works better in airplanes then it does in cars.
Richard Ciccone 1
Thomas, in what type of application?
Thomas Huehl 1
Biodiesel in pick-up trucks and tractors. Ethanol in automobiles (E85).
Thomas Huehl 0
I've used Biodiesel and Ethanol blended fuels consistently without consequence. I hope this goes well!

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