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Battery smokes on JAL B787; Boeing fix appears to work

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Almost exactly a year after a smoking lithium-ion battery on a Japan Airlines (JAL) 787 Dreamliner grounded the jet for more than three months, the same airline reported a smoking battery in a parked 787 on Tuesday. However, the incident appears to have been limited by the containment-box protection system Boeing engineers designed to ensure the safety of the plane in case of a battery malfunction. ( עוד...

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Dubslow 2
Dude this article is two years old
Chris B 1
Hadn't noticed that. Thanks
incredableaviator 2
I had seen this back in 2014 in a article in the USA TODAY PAPER what brings you to post this so late?
Chris B 1
The mere fact that these units continue to experience failures should trouble everyone.

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