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(Video) Surprise at the end of a cat 1 ILS & go-around in a BBJ

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"The approach flown was a CAT I ILS. I could see the rain column approach from the other side of the field so I got out my phone camera from the jump seat. You can hear the GPWS announce minimums at 200' AGL, and shortly after all visibility is lost due to rain. You do not hear the "50" foot call out during the touch and go, but it had to be close. The HUD really provides incredible center-line tracking, although you can't see the symbology from the camera angle.… ( עוד...

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josh homer 11
When I worked at AA, I did a "Walkamile" with pilots in an MD-80 sim. They were doing CAT 3 C approaches into ORD. The instructor misaligned the runway at 50 feet. The pilots recognized the problem, and went full throttle to initiate a go around. That was the day I put my complete trust in AA pilots.
Peter Steitz 6
When I taught Captain Upgrade at a major airline, I showed a short video "It's OK to go around". It addressed the stabilized approach. This applies whether or not you are IMC or VMC. A go around/missed approach should be considered a normal outcome. It should be briefed and understood by both crewmembers. This is tested on every checkride. Too many landings are attempted with marginal results or disaster.
joel wiley 2
Do you happen to have a link to a copy of that video?
A quick google search only found about 10K posts "its ok go go around shooting people" - not what I was looking for.
Thanx in advance.
Peter Steitz 0
Joel, the video was on the company intranet and I guess I never made a copy. I have looked everywhere on my PC and thumb drive. Sorry. Google stabilized approach and there is a lot of info.
Highflyer1950 7
Wonder what was showing on the w/x radar?

[This poster has been suspended.]

bbabis 11
Make a New Years resolution for 2016 to try to post something intelligent.
Peter Steitz 4
I wonder where Mike got his ATP.
BaronG58 5
militello 2
Cracker Jack
Tim Lerner-Lam 5
Didn't realize it was 1950 again.
Daniel Baker 4
joel wiley 2
That's one of his nicer ones....
mpouliot 3
Thank you...Very instructional !!!
Paul Robbins 2
Great squawk!
Markus Wolff 2
As I read through the post, it is apparent that American Society is correct. Pilots are CRAZY. & after reading all these post it is clear. Trying to get pilots to agree on training, is like trying to get politicians to agree on campaign legislation. Rarely do pilots feel excitement about having to go to SIM. But please allow me to share a PROVERB from an air ambulance Captain "Any go around is a good idea, go arounds are suppose to happen in flying. The go-arounds that don't happen end up in paper-work, & sometimes broken parts." John Ford Lifeguard 5.
Ken Lane 2
It sounds a bit like what I was talking about.
chalet 2
Once the pilot flying calls for a go around in large A/C like this BBJ what comes first retracting airbrakes or full throttle or both at the same time.
Peter Steitz 3
Go around throttle, speed brakes/spoilers up, flaps up to go around setting all at the same time. Then positive rate--gear up. Many jets have a go around button on the throttle that will set the pitch on the attitude indicator. BTW, either pilot can call for a go around or missed. Many aircraft and companies will have similar but slightly different procedures.
Peter Steitz 1
Chalet, here is a link you might find helpful.
RLR01 1
I'll assume the person operating the phone camera wasn't a required crew member.
Ken Lane 1
Judging by the angle, no.
dave312 1
Nicely done.
Ken Lane 1
Does anyone know what airport this is? It would be interesting to know if the runway along with the crew and bird were certified for Cat II or III.

Great decision! In my own experience, I've seen the runway environment come and go a couple times during an approach from as high as a thousand feet but never made it to minimums and it altogether disappears.

It's hard to get it across to instrument students how possible this is. Clouds are goofy and unpredictable. What you have now may not be what you'll have in five seconds. Things move fast and change fast.

So, back to my old instrument instructor's question over a decade ago... "What's the purpose of a landing?" To go around. Every time, it's the first option. Never push the issue.
Charlie Lindnberk 1
I think what the Lt. meant to say was: "What's the purpose of an APPROACH?" - right? Hopefully, the purpose of a "landing" is to safely stop the airplane on the intended runway. OTOH - every approach should be planned and made with a successful go-around in mind.

Initiating a go-around at or below minimums should be well within the capability of any pilot certified for lower minimums approaches ("Height" or "Altitude" terminology hardly has any significance in this context)
Ken Lane 1
Nope, it was as I described. "What's the purpose of a landing?"

Too many pilots are so intent on getting on the ground they are not even ready to go around. Some don't even brief the published missed let alone set any equipment for the applicable VOR or GPS fix.
Charlie Lindnberk 2
Oh - OK - then I will revise my statement. "What the Lt. SHOULD have said..."
(in my 50 years of flying nearly every category of airplane, I am quite sure I never felt that that "the purpose of landing" was to _Go Around_! In fact, you are not likely to log many landings using that mantra ! )
Ken Lane 1
I think you're missing the entire point of the discussion.

It boils down to incompetent pilots forcing the issue. Unless you are bingo fuel, you best be damn prepared to go around. My experience as an instructor working with certificated instrument pilots... they are not prepared.
Charlie Lindnberk 1
Good luck with that, Ken....
Ken Lane -1
I'm puzzled by your opposition to that philosophy. It seems to go well with what is discussed by a couple others.
Charlie Lindnberk 2
Ken - perhaps your puzzlement could be alleviated by reading what I first posted.
Or, perhaps you have lived in a simulator world where theoreticals outweigh reality.

In any case I must refrain from further wasting readers time on this topic.
Ken Lane -1
Yes, you want to answer with, "To get on the ground". That was not the point of the question.
Nick Hesler 1
Now that was cool!
Peter Steitz 1
I noticed a small point in the video. The announcement of "approaching decision height". It's been "decision altitude" for some time now. I don't know what flight director that jet has but it has not been updated. It's probably just a software tweak that costs a fortune. Regardless, the crew did a superb job in the missed.
ADXbear -5
Ok, I don't see the news here?
30west 15
How about being posted as a point of interest for those amongst us who haven't experienced a similar situation. Not everyone on this forum is an 8,000+ hour ATP.

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