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Southwest Flight Encounters Problem; Heading Toward Oakland International

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OAKLAND (CBS-SF) – After circulating about California’s Central Valley for several hours, a Southwest Airlines flight heading from Oakland to Chicago’s Midway Airport headed toward Oakland International Airport Wednesday morning to prepare for an emergency landing. ( עוד...

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David Ehlert 3
Here's the flight.
mike SUT 3
That's got to be a world record for a Southwest Jet....slowest taxi off the runway and on a taxiway. Ever.
jlkinsel 2
Sounds like it landed OK.
Following a 4 hour fuel burn off, over. The California Central Valley and a safe return and landing back at KOAK, A friend on board the flight, text me citing; "Posssible faulty cockpit gear light"
Tim Duggan 1
I don't really "get" how this is newsworthy? A B-737 departed KOAK for KMDW. "Something" wasn't right after the gear was retracted? The B-737 has no gear-Doors (except for Nosewheel). Little-known fact (except for B-737 pilots!)....there are "Hub-caps" on the outer main gear wheels. Look for them.....they are REQUIRED to be installed for smooth airflow and lessen drag in flight.

So.....they departed KOAK, with fuel for almost across the country, PLUS normal reserves. The B-737 cannot dump a case of something that is NOT a time-sensitive "emergency"....then you fly until you burn fuel to get down to Max Landing Weight. OF Course!!! If a serious emergency....engine fire, passenger or crew medical condition? You land OVER-Weight.....
btweston 3
You're right. This was a perfectly routine flight. Except for a few minor details...
matt jensen 1
SWA maintenance at it's finest?
scott8733 3
Not sure, but sounds like a responsible PIC without a doubt. If I was on the flight, as much as a 4-5 hour delay stinks....crashing stinks a whole lot worse.
josh homer 2
WFAA news in Dallas did a report several years ago about how Southwest outsources maintenance to a company where the employees can't read the English manuals. They are paid very little too. You get what you pay for.
matt jensen 1
El Salvador if I remember

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Brian Acquistapace 2
Depends on who you are comparing pilot salaries to. If its to someone who makes millions yearly throwing a ball around, you are right, $200k/yr for a pilots salary is a joke. Of course I can think of few careers, that require years of expensive education, where peoples lives or at least futures are in someones hands, that cannot imagine in their wildest dreams making $200k/yr. Really a sad commentary on the state of our society, and its priorities.
kev wu -2
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Chicago-bound flight makes emergency landing at Oakland Airport

A Chicago-bound flight has made a successful emergency landing at Oakland Airport to "check a maintenance item on the aircraft."

Southwest Airlines Flight 2547 circled the airport for several hours to burn up fuel to help make the emergency landing.

The plane departed Oakland around 6 a.m. Wednesday and was scheduled to land at Chicago's Midway Airport at 10 a.m, according to the company's website. The flight status has now been changed to 'cancelled.'

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