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Lockheed Martin Jet Month Sale

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$8,000,000 off F-35 Lightning II! C-5 starting at just $169,999,999! F-22 for $349,999,999! Certified pre-owned F-117A with a 6 year manufacturer warranty! ( עוד...

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Zachary Colescott 0
Oh man, that was hilarious!! I've watched it like 5 times now!!
William Westrum 0
I wonder if Lockheed offers Air Miles with each purchase...
Michael Edwards 0
Who can I call aside from the US Air Force about getting an Add-On rating for the F-22?
David McNett 0
Sounds great but I'll bet they make you pay extra for undercoating and pinstripes.
treborselpats 0
You always have to read the fine print....Have to be classified as a Most Favored Nation Trade Status for financing along with a low debt to equity ratio....So that rules out the U.S. So I guess you need to be The Sultan of Brunei to get financing on these things. Anybody knows what the lease back options are?
RCAFRules 0
I want a c-5... Turn it into a party bus and/of a private jet, tell me you couldn't pick up chicks in that thing
Jmumman 0
Rafael Chavez 0
Crazy Lockheed with prices Insane..!!
Peter Allum 0
I quite fancy a Raptor, but I will have to wait for next payday,,,,,,,unless I can persuade one of those billionaires that are going to give all that money to charity to pass some my way !!
Flygirl77 0
Wow What a LOW LOW price!
James Worden 0
Will they take a check?
cheemsaf 0
Imagine what the sales/use tax would be on that.
Arthur Hartnett 0
I'll take one of each and just put that on my expired VISA card.

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