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Preacher1 gets his wings

All of us ago frequent these pages are familiar with the wisdom and insight provided by Wayne Bookout, AKA Preacher1. Many of you know of his health problems of late, and I wanted to pass along to the FA community that our friend Wayne had "slipped the surly bonds of Earth" and met his Lord yesterday afternoon. I never met Wayne inn person, but became friends with him through conversations here and on other social media. I learned a lot about flying and about life from him. Fly high… ( More...

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WeatherWise 89
"Preacher1, squawk 1200, frequency change approved..." R.I.P.
allench1 13
That was hard to read,but awesome
wingnut016 8
Well put WeatherWise! Makes me swallow hard reading that.... R.I.P. Preacher1.............
Good post WeatherWise.
Dave Mathes 4
...copy that...
Kim Clayton 4
I don't understand plane language but that puts a lump in my throat. I have enjoyed his posts and commentary. He sure told it like it was/is. He seemed like a great man. I wish I could have met him.
allench1 14
For your understanding as a non pilot squawk 1200 means flying VFR in good weather. frequency change approved means in this case leaving communication to go to his destination,the gates of heaven.
Ruger9X19 9
And the ... at the end is what got me. The lack of a response confirming the hand off, such a powerful message with so few words.
Brian Bishop 37
Sorry for the typos, I'm on my phone. Not listed in his obit was his thousands of hours in various aircraft including his favorite, the "high steppin' lady" the Boeing 757. Wayne was a pilot's pilot. He knew his stuff. I teased him about writing a book of his stories. I wish I could've convinced him that there are people who would love to hear them. He will be missed. Please pray for his family.
sparkie624 18
Just a note on that, he had tons of hours in the early 707's flying both airline captain and corporate flying, it recent years he has spent much of his time in the companies CRJ-200 and Boeing 767 and he enjoyed them both. In current time he also flew their companies King Air as well....

He shared with me his best memory of flying was very recent when he had the unique distinction of flying an Angel One flight where he was requested by the family to fly the fallen soldier from Dover Air Force base back to his home base in Fort Smith, AK with full military escort and by talking to him that was the greatest flight he ever flew.

He will be missed greatly.
canuck44 10
Yes, that Angel Flight was most memorable to him...he talked of it when we discussed the Life Flights and how they help families of the ill. He revealed his own emotions during that flight and afterwards. I think he was actually a little surprised that it made such a deep impression on him after his previous service and all the years of flying. It is a measure of his humanity that this was most memorable in all his aviation experience.
Bud Fields 8
Anyone who pilots an Angel One Flight is a hero. Period. In my mind, nothing takes more guts, or yields more honor.

Thank you, Captain Bookout for a life so very well lived.
Toby Sharp 3
That sounds like something Mr. Bookout would do. I wish i could be a quarter of the Man he was.
allench1 13
Thanks Brian, I was so intrigued by his post and became a friend over cell phone conversations, so I flew up from KDTS to meet him about a year ago. He was the sequential Southern gentleman, country through and through. I will miss his simple explanations that always cut through all the chatter that made his remarks so insightful. God just got a new angel that will not need to learn how to use his wings. Allen Churchwell
canuck44 6
Thanks for posting typos and all.
oowmmr 2
You're right. I was wondering..."Where is Preacher1?". Thanks for the 411.
Mark Duell 25
13,203 squawks comments - #1 squawks commenter by a factor of 3.5.
PhotoFinish 13
Rest in Peace ol' buddy. Your presence and words will be missed.
Peter Cooper 18
Preacher1 taught me a lot about US aviation over the years...I admired his passion, his love for Boeing aircraft and the fact that he did know what he was talking about. His toleration of us " non licenced " types will long be remembered. God Speed Preacher1. CAVU forever.
Brian Bishop 5
CAVU indeed.
Toby Sharp 6
I can remember saying CAVU one day......and Preacher chimmed in saying i was a bright young gun. I will never forget the feeling of awe that came over me just because Preacher acknowledged me. Blue Skies Preach
patrick baker 14
I had met preacher only through these squawks, for he seemed to comment on things I found of interest, and his comments seemed reasoned and critically accurate. I think he has found what he expected and hoped for in his progression and travels, beginning yesterday. My wishes go out to his survivors.
scott8733 14
Thanks for the post Brian. Preach will be sorely missed by one and all. He was a voice of wisdom on the board.

Methinks (as he would often say) he's soaring much higher in the sky than cruising altitude. RIP old friend.
Brian Bishop 13
Hi all, Wayne's son Mike wanted me to let you all know that he had read all of your comments here and to pass along how much they appreciated the kind words, thoughts and prayers for the family and the admiration we all shared for his dad.
canuck44 23
RIP, old fellow. He and I met and became friends on Flight Aware exchanging many private emails in addition to sharing posts on FA as his health deteriorated. Surgery, radiation and chemotherapy never dimmed his optimism, his faith or his love of aviation and his family. We will miss all miss him and his insightful and often humorous comments.
John Atherton 3
His words will be missed...we are poorer for his loss. R.I.P. Preacher
Loral Thomas 11
Wayne and I shared many an email as we both were fighting cancer. We never met personally even though we lived only a couple hundred miles apart. Rest in peace my good friend. May you forever fly high in calm winds.
Brian Bishop 6
Thanks for the comments. Best wishes to you in your battle with cancer also.
Loral Thomas 17
Can't help but think St. Peter was surprised to see a 757 parked outside his Pearly Gates Thursday. Bet they've been flying ever since!
Derek Thomas 7
Nicely said, Loral, and thanks for a chuckle in the midst of the loss. True words, yours.
sparkie624 11
He was a great personal friend and always had good advice. I enjoyed talking with him as we communicated much away from here. I talked to his wife yesterday and they are all doing well.
Sparkie624, you may have to be a voice of reason and calm now.
sparkie624 4
LOL... I will try... I always depended on Preacher to put out my fires...
bbabis 3
Thanks for checking in.
joel wiley 10
Only knew him through the squawks and emails, and will miss his comments and perspectives. I will remember him for his 757 love, meeting the blackbird at Kadena, and comments on the Kai Tak checkerboard. Rest in Peace my friend.
josh homer 10
Such sad news. Wayne was my favorite commenter here. Very knowledgeable and passionate about aviation. He'll be missed. Prayers to friends and family.
Wilfred Taylor 10
I met he/wife when we purchased their home in KS, 1998.

Wayne was also an airline pilot and an avid gardener; and had a sweet wife!

I'd heard he/wife had taken the leap and moved to their 'vacation home' in NE OK or NW AR [never sure where].

The last line of the old poem 'Pilot Soul Bails Out' comes to mind...

"And this we know... we dare not doubt...
with a triumphant deathless shout,
the valiant pilot-soul BAILS OUT!"
sparkie624 4
They moved to the North West portion of Arkansas, Where I believe that he was born in or near "Dardanelle, AK". His mother or mother-in-law lived next door to him as well, and he helped take care of her.
Derek Thomas 8
I was looking through FA Squawks on Thursday and found myself wondering if Preacher1's comm was in for repairs. A reasoned and active squawker - he is missed. V2, preach!
Jim Morris 8
Thoughts and prayers RIP
God rest his soul. We will miss his contributions and wit each day. From all evidence, Preacher1 was an integral part of American aviation.
Bon Voyage preacher, you will be missed.
AWAAlum 7
I'm not saying goodbye, for Preacher will live on in my heart. I always relied on him as the voice of reason and compassion. Blue skies always.
Esteban Marin 7
Farewell Wayne
Ken McIntyre 7
I always looked forward to reading his posts. This forum won't be the same without him; his knowledge and humor. RIP
Preach on Preacherman!!!
Matt Kladder 7
I've been reading his comments for a long time. I don't comment on here often, but when I did he always seemed to respond. Will miss reading his insights.
As a non aviator I have followed Preacher1s squawks for many years and always found them to be interesting and informative. I'm sure he will be missed by so many aviators and FlightAware members.
Condolences to his family.
30west 6
Farewell my friend! I always enjoyed reading your posts, and respected your opinions, advice, wealth of aviation knowledge and your faith in God. May you rest in peace, my prayers for you and your loved ones.
allench1 6
Whom ever put thumbs down on every post is a very disturbed person. Hopefully flight aware can stop his ability to post
Brian Bishop 2
I was wondering the same thing. Who does that? Geez....
bbabis 2
I think most of us have a pretty good idea of who it was. Rest assured though that it will be a very difficult task to keep up with.
Preacher1 will be sorely missed. I am not a professional pilot but his posts always encouraged us lower beings to comment and learn. I will miss him very much and my (newly repaired) heart is heavy.
Brian Bishop 6
Just thought I'd throw out there that his Arkansas Razorbacks took down #9 LSU tonight, so in Wayne's honor, I give a hearty WOOO PIG SUEY!This one's for you buddy.
bbabis 6
Well done, well said, and a life well lived. Watch over us all now Preacher1 and rest in peace.
A huge loss of wisdom and candor on this forum.....RIP Wayne.
conmanflyer 5
I always enjoyed reading his comments anytime i saw them. RIP
Ruger9X19 5
Heartbreaking loss for this community, and I'm sure a worse loss for his family. I'm at a loss for words, never met him but still would consider him a friend.

If anyone organizes a memorial fund or gift for the family from here let me know I would be interested in contributing.
Brian Bishop 5
Great idea. I sent his son Mike a message to inquire about that. I'll post instructions when I hear back from him.
I also sent him a link to this board so the family could read all your comments. Thanks to everyone.
I too would support this. I also think that his family might get great comfort knowing how he was a respected aviator and that he had world wide friends, most of whom he never met.
All this may be possible through the Funeral Home Website.
sparkie624 4
I was thinking the same thing... That would be a good thing... I will contribute as well.
Terry Isom 5
God bless Wayne and his family. I enjoyed reading his posts and experience in aviation. Rest In Peace Preacher....
paul trubits 5
RIP Preacher! When I read a new post on FA, I will always think WWPS. What would Preacher squawk? Thanks for making my life a little better!
CyranoSmith 5
Hey, never met the fellow, except through here, and I'm crying.
May your final landing be gentle, Preacher1.

Dana "the madman" Hansen
I'm late getting this awful news. I will miss Wayne greatly even though our friendship was confined to public and private conversations. Condolences to his family.
Dee Lowry 5 are cleared for a straight out departure! Our conversations about "Checkerboard Hill" and the Hard Right producing a major "Pucker Effect"...I still think about that. And you can't forget the "BIZ Bag" when you blocked at the gate! You will be missed, my friend. You were always my "wingman"! Your flight plan landed you in a special place. Take that Boeing 757, rotate and pull some "G's"!! God Speed, my friend.
sparkie624 3
Unrestricted climb approved to "Angels Unlimited", Have a good flight!
Ryan Hodges 5
Really shows how certain people on FA have become somewhat of an extended family.
Toby Sharp 5
Tears are coming down onto my keyboard right now, with a smerk across my face. Mr. Bookout(Preach1) is now forever flying. Blue Skies to a great man. Cheers
Rob Jose 5
This sim jockey learned quite a lot from reading his comments. RIP
linbb 5
Always like to read his comments on here and ask questions that he would answer. May his flights always be under sunny skys, smooth air and sitting in that seat he loved so well. Now that he has gone west as they say he will be missed on here by more than just me.
Billy Koskie 5
Calm winds and VFR, Preacher1. You'll be missed.
I'm fairly recent to this forum, a lowly groundlubber with a permanent crick in the neck from peering skyward - but I always enjoyed Preacher1's squawks and felt the presence of a kind, gentle soul filled with wisdom and humor. May his family and friends find smiles and peace in their memories of a Good Man.
John Hale 4
Prayers for his family. May God bless them in this time of sorrow. He has received his last set of wings that will never be taken away.
Peter Steitz 4
There's a saying among we aviators. It's very simple and we all understand. It goes like this.
"To fly West, my friend, is a flight we all must take for a final check". I like to add a bit of aviation procedure.
"Clearance, this is Preacher1" "Good morning, sir. I have your clearance. are you ready to copy?" "Preacher1, go ahead".
"You are cleared west, my friend, direct to destination, Angels unlimited, squawk 1200, no readback required. "God speed, sir".
sparkie624 2
Well Said....
Kind of a shock to see fresh comments on this man. I never met him either but his calm demeanor and knowledge was a obvious sign that he was a "voice of reason" at all times.
And you, Sparkie624, know that well.
I'm just about as choked up as when this squawk began 3 years ago.
joel wiley 3
It gave me a bit of a turn to see it pop up again, but it's good to remember.
The board was a more civil and respectful place that it is now. I prefer to think his presence and contributions proved to be a moderating influence that seems sadly lacking today.

Requiescat in pace
william baker 3
Preacher1 was a very good man. He was well knowledge in aviation. He also held the blood pressure of FlightAware. When he passed it made a lot of people sad and depressed. He kept flightaware calm and going well. But also when he left flightaware went down the hill a little. Yes it’s still a great platform to chat about aviation but preacher1 was the heart and soul of it. He has been missed by many and I’m sure in 10-15 years maybe in 20-50 year we will still be missing him and hopeing where ever he is that he’s happy and in good spirits. Rip my friend and may we always remember you.
SmokedChops 4
Thank you, Preacher, for sharing your wisdom and insights with the rest of the world. Knowledge is useful to one person, when it is shared with many, it becomes priceless. Godspeed!
Preacher1 always seemed like a great Man, I had a few conversations with him here- I only wish
I'd been able to meet him - Always first rate, and yes knew more than most -
You'll be missed sir - Squawking wont be the same without you !
Enjoy the flying the Universe Cap. Prayers to your family.....
Andrew Loenen 4
Amazing man, loved reading him through all these years!
I will miss the level-headed and informative comments from Preacher1. People like him make this site something very special. Thanks, Preacher1 - God Bless
Another one too early to earn their wings. RIP.
danielatc81 4
Wow. Thank for your contributions Preacher1. You will be missed kind Sir.
bentwing60 4
He's not gonna miss that sweet iced tea as much as we will miss him! Besides, I'm sure they have sweet tea in heaven.
Ric Wernicke 4
A great pilot, humanitarian, and an intelligent commentator on aviation has been stilled.

Rest with the Angels Wayne, your place in heaven is assured.
Peter Steitz 4
"To fly West is a final check we all must take". Preacher, cleared for takeoff. Fly heading 270. Climb and angels are unlimited. R.I.P.
I always enjoyed his posts. They were informative to anyone regardless of skill level in aviation. He will be greatly missed in the squawk postings. Thank you for your service to this country and your expertise in this industry. May you rest easy sir and your family find peace.
Dan Little 4
I, too, will miss him. Invariably, I turned to his comments/posts for wise, and welcome commentary. May his family be comforted.
john engle 3
rip preacher
Matt Mohlman 3
My prayers are with his family. It was always good to read his level-headed wisdom here.
william baker 3
Wow this is still going around. I miss preacher1 and hope he’s flying high and resting well.
sparkie624 2
Yes... Miss him much... He was a great Personal Friend and a Friend to us all.... He is truly crusing at Flight Level Unlimited!
william baker 2
Couldn’t of said it better myself.
Bernie20910 3
A good man, taken too soon. Godspeed.
Mark Lansdell 3
I am very late in getting this sad news and am so sorry I'll never meet Wayne face to face, in this world anyway and for the loss to his family. I was hoping to remedy that on my next trip to East Texas but alas I'm too late. God speed fellow traveler. WE didn't know each other long, just long enough to miss you, your wisdom and calm demeanor. God bless you and keep you. Until we meet again.
Gary Bennett 3
God speed,now you are free of the pain may you rest in peace...
He has slipped the surly bonds of earth.... and touched the face of God...
May he rest in eternal peace...
My sincere sympathy to his wife and family!
Pete Boeller 3
Always enjoyed his calm and level headed posts. I only knew him from FA and will miss his informative and knowledgeable input.
matt jensen 3
tim mitchell 3
RIP Mr.Bookout
Brian Ross 3
we will miss you!!
What a huge loss for all of us. He definitely knew his stuff. I learned a lot about aviation from him.
Jay Schumann 3
Sad news his insight and honesty will be sorely missed here.
joblai 3
Oh no! I learned so much from him. May he rest in peace!
VKSheridan 3
R.I.P. Preacher1. Your posts brought a very informed, experienced based perspective to this reader who looked forward to them "for the rest of the story".....

Squawks will continue but they won't be the same.
Doug Zalud 3
I always liked the info that he posted. Very "Been there. Done that" in the most positive, polite, educational, and entertaining way.

Rest In Peace.
Geoff Joy 3
I always read his comments with great interest because he seemed consummately professional in his outlook and demeanor. I'm not a pilot but have known some. My father trained in a Stearman 75 prior to WWII but was never licensed. I travel for a living so I'm always interested in what commercial pilots have to say.

My condolences to the family and I'll be keeping my eyes to the skies for a while in contemplation.
Weatherize, that was a brilliant post.

BTW, AK is Alaska and AR is Arkansas. You had me fairly confused for a few posts there.
WhiteKnight77 3
My heart goes out to Preacher1's family. This winger (ex-crew chief on CH-46s) looked forward to his posts and insights on aviation. Preacher, look up my Pops, you two have a bit in common. You can kibitz over the way strike packages were created (if a strike pilot in 'Nam) as he had a big hand in it while he was over there. Y'all can also talk about what took you to meet St. Peter. RIP
Patty Vanoy 3
It's hard to believe. He never knew me, but I had (still do) great respect for Preacher1. Blessings to his family...
mike boden 3
I was the guy that flew him through the front MEM/LIT. Not sure I did him any good. Tail winds Skipper.
Dave Mathes 2 on, Preacher1...Godspeed......
I enjoyed all his posts. He will be missed here. Condolences to his family. RIP
Jack Carson 2
A real shock, I was not aware he was in bad health. Prayers for his family and friends. RIP
It sad to hear this as a long time lurker that enjoyed Preacher's posts. RIP sir!
Sail on Preacher1 You did good. We all will miss your wisdom and good sense.
Bernie20910 2
Someone is cutting some mighty strong onions in here...
william baker 3
It was sparkie624. I blame him for the onions lol.
sparkie624 2
Onions can really clear some sinus's! LOL
william baker 2
So can’t horseradish sauce. That stuff is strong lol.
Kevin Haiduk 2
I loved reading his posts. He was always here with sage advice. He will be missed by us. He probably is looking down and smiling.
Rest in peace Preacher 1. God bless you and your family and friends. I will miss your comments on here. Sleep tight.
lynx318 2
Through our cyber chats, only knew him as Pracher1, it was not enough! Farewell 💜
Luke Sima 2
Rest in paradise ;)
Ken Lane 2
Rest in peace, Sir. You will be missed.
I only knew Preacher1 through FA and he was the reason I looked forward to Fridays. Had missed his posts recently and was concerned. Knew he had health issues from reading his posts. He responded to a couple of my posts which I greatly appreciated. I think everything that could be said has been said in the 119 other posts. I'm sincere when I say RIP CAPT. WAYNE BOOKOUT and extend my condolences to his family.
He will be missed. Never met him in person but could just tell he was a great guy over the FA chats.
Glen England 2
R.I.P. I'm really going to miss his insight here......
Cathy Vajtay 2
Not familiar and I see what I've missed. Always sad to see such distinguished souls leave our midst. God Bless Preacher1 and his family....and vector him safely to new horizons.
japanjeff 2
We'll miss you Wayne!
Have enjoyed his commentaries, but what better day to meet your maker than Thanksgiving. My condolences to his circle.
David Calejo 2
Preacher1,All systems are go bud, enjoy the flight of the heavens


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