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EasyJet Orders 30,000 Lightweight Seats from Recaro

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EasyJet, a European low-cost carrier, announced it was ordering 30,000 lightweight Recaro seats for both existing aircraft and new planes. The airline has been using the Recaro Aircraft Seating SL3510 seat in new aircraft over the past two years. The seat weighs 40% less than competing seats according to the manufacturer and the new model will come with a tablet PC holder. ( עוד...

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Bernie20910 2
I tried to sit in an office chair that used a Recaro seat once. Immediately shipped it back to where I bought it from. Most uncomfortable seat I've ever sat in.
Kok de Zeeuw 1
Might be the case you ordered the wrong seat?
Bernie20910 1
Yep, sent it back and got the right one, from a different company.
beilstwh 1
The airlines don't care if your comfortable, Just that they save weight on the seats and their legal to use.
Dan Chiasson -1
I believe you comment is most likely out of context. Like saying I bought a Honda lawnmower once and I did not like the way it cut the grass, so never buy an Accord.
Bernie20910 1
No, you're mixing apples & oranges in your comparison. It's more like, "I bought a Honda lawnmower once and didn't like how it operated, so I'm not buying another Honda mower." I bought a seat from Recaro, didn't like how it fit me (their designs are great for people under 5' 10" or so, not so great for us over 6' folks) so I sent it back and won't buy another seat from them. Or, in the case of EasyJet, rent one for a trip. If I have to fly (I much prefer driving, no matter the cost, time or distance) then it would not be on EasyJet.
Dan Chiasson 1
Do not agree. If you believe the design of a ~$300 office arse catcher is the same as an FAA certified aviation seat costing many thousands of dollars, not to mention that these must meet very stringent airline requirements including customer "comfort" (ie: crappy seats = loss of customers = disaster in a narrow margin business), well so be it. Considering your mention that "I much prefer driving, no matter the cost, time or distance" I do not think EasyJet or Recaro are terribly worried. Drive safely in what I am assuming is not a high end vehicle; many of which do offer Recaro seats!
Bernie20910 1
The one flaw in your logic is where you say that airlines would really care about passenger seat comfort. As current seat widths and pitches clearly demonstrate, airlines could give a rat's arse about comfort, just so long as they can put in the maximum amount of walk-on cargo. Indeed, that's actually given as one of the main reasons for the switch, because the seats are lighter and thinner, allowing greater cargo density.

Oh, you also won't find many Recaro office chairs for under $900. $300 would get you Walmart quality.
Mheming2 1
Per Recaro's product description "Instead of conventional foam, an innovative netting material is used to form the core of the backrest. This makes it possible to reduce foam thickness and makes the backrest much lighter."

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