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SAS To start BOS From CPH usung Privatair 737 aircraft

Boston Logan Airport will receive yet another new airline service in 2016 when SAS begins service. ( More...

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Josh Schwartz 2
Boston is on a roll!

Qatar to start BOS-DOH service in March on the A350
Norwegian to start BOS-Oslo and Copenhagen in May on dreamliners
Norwegian to start Boston to Martinique and Guadelope
Norwegian to start Boston to Gatwick on a dreamliner as well

Can't wait to do some spotting!
Darryl Sarno 2
Don't forget Thomas Cook will start service BOS to Manchester using A330 aircraft. Additionally West Jet will also start service out of BOS in 2016 using Dash 8 aircraft and Swiss will be adding a second flight to Zurich using A330/340 aircraft.

The Norwegian Boston to Martinique and Guadelope service starts December 2015 from what I learned.

Perhaps I will meet you doing some spotting.
matt jensen 1
In 2006 the CEO of WestJet slammed the use of Dash 8's
Personally I don't like that particular plane. I love Dash-7's
Josh Schwartz 1
I haven't heard about Thomas Cook, but that's awesome! I did hear about the second Swiss flight, but do you know when that is starting?
Darryl Sarno 1
Here is some more information about more BOS service in 2016:

Thomas Cook

eff 30MAY16 Manchester – Boston
TCX724 MAN1300 – 1450BOS 330 5
TCX862 MAN1300 – 1450BOS 330 1

TCX725 BOS1735 – 0445+1MAN 330 5
TCX863 BOS1735 – 0445+1MAN 330 1


eff 05MAY16 Cologne – Boston 3 weekly
EW186 CGN1545 – 1750BOS 330 7
EW186 CGN1625 – 1830BOS 330 4
EW186 CGN1720 – 1925BOS 330 2
EW187 BOS1850 – 0630+1CGN 330 7
EW187 BOS1930 – 0930+1CGN 330 4
EW187 BOS2025 – 0930+1CGN 330 2



BOS begins March 16 2016 with A350
jbermo 1
Wow, Using B-737's for transatlantic service. . .I guess it works, but at a slow Mach .79 or at best, M.80 The A-322 next?


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