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Air France Employees Assault Executives After Job Cuts Announced

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Air France executives were greeted by an angry mob of employees after Air France/KLM announced a restructuring plan that would cut 2,900 jobs. Air France announced retiring old planes, cancelling 787 orders, ending service and reducing frequencies, which would result in numerous losses of ground operations staff, cockpit crew and flight attendants. The company and the pilots union failed to reach a critical labor agreement, but lay-offs can't be issued until December under French law, which… ( עוד...

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Gary Harper 2
I understand that France has some strange self defense laws.
Pileits 3
To bad United Airlines employee's never attacked the incompetent, inept management over there. Maybe UAL wouldn't be such an embarrassment now.
I won't even admit I used to work for them anymore, to embarrassing
Bernie20910 2
Umm... you just did admit it.
linbb 1
Well thanks to management when other airlines are doing well the frogs are loosing ground and causing hardships to there employees. Could be that management is getting a taste of rank and file workers thoughts.
James Driskell 1
Ribbit, ribbit!
chalet 1
I thought until a few years back that France was a fully developed and civilized country whose citizens respected law and order but after several strikes and attemtps to inflict njuries to executives of tire manufacturing, Steel and other industries I changed my mind. I never understood why and how KLM merged with Air France knowing that sooner or later labor was going to give thm hell. I never understood why and when AF and KLM bought a substantial stake in Alitalia knowing that labor mobbing and strife has been a way of life for decades. Now KLM is paying the consequences and they have not seen the final chapter yet.
Luc Gillet 1
Where are in France responsable trade union and responsable management.?-

Adam Smith -2
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Air France workers rip shirts from executives after airline cuts 2,900 jobs

Staff storm board meeting at at Charles de Gaulle airport and force executives to flee, with one clambering over a fence half-naked...
Josh Schwartz 0
You actually submitted your post after mine, so you submitted the duplicate post.
Benoît Sarda 0
Woaw, I'm so proud of my country's flag carrier... The company is running in the old way. High salaries and not much hours were okay 20 years ago. Now we have EasyJet and Ryanair. We have the Gulf companies. Air France HAS to reduce their costs and to do so, employees have to work more.
But labor unions are so powerfull in the France's main transport companies (Air France, but also with the tr

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