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Video: A day in the life of an airport

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Here’s a time lapse and tilt shift video of a day in Haneda Airport in Tokyo, Japan. It’s a wonderful look into the puzzle of how a big time airport works but is also totally beautiful to see the lights of airplanes land and fly out of the runway. It’s like man made moving stars skimming across the sky. Just beautiful. ( עוד...

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SFOBro 4
Great airport choice with beautiful work. Nice to see such creative bit. LOVE airline time lapse, this is great stuff! Thanks very much!
oowmmr 1
I love airports.
Dan Little 1
Well done. Thanks.
isardriver 1
awesome, excellent job editing and compiling. thank you
preacher1 1
Very well done video. A few general observations:
Double jet bridges for the 787 and I think Haneda will be an excellent choice for DAL getting their investment into JetStar. Kinda like DCA and IAD. Haneda so close to the city. Narita nice for the pointey end crew but Haneda for PAX.
admini 1
Link without Gawker BS
jbqwik 1
well done video editing = entertaining.
Bill Root 1
Woooooo Zoom Zoom

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