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Pictures and Video of Hog in action

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Here comes the hog, looking to root. Are you friend or foe ( עוד...

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jbqwik 1
excellent. How could you not be in awe of this purpose built gunslinger? The opening takeoff shot in the video is superb.
<aside:> The first time I saw this bird fly at Westover I was a bit disappointed. Until, that is, the pair pulled a high-G 180 and came screaming back low-level down the runway, that monster gun pointing at me. I'd never seen such a tight, low-level maneuver right after t/o in anything other than a stunt plane.
sparkie624 1
WOW... Great Video.. Does not seem like it was 6 minutes.
CloudSurfer89 1
Saw a few of these maneuvering down the coast of South Carolina last month. Let me say, I was glad they were friendlies!

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