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Boy Who Lost Stuffed Tiger at Tampa International Airport Finds Tiger Stayed Very Busy

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If a boy named Owen suspects his stuffed tiger named Hobbes has a secret life, the staff of Tampa International Airport won't disagree. Owen recently lost Hobbes at the airport — and when he reclaimed the tiger, he also received photos of Hobbes touring the facility. ( עוד...

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Timothy McDonnell 14
Well that a nice story, always good to see people going the extra mile to make a child's day.
Er.A.K. Mittal 8
Happy childhood leads to happy adulthood. Resulting into a better world at large .
sparkie624 7
Great Story.. Congrats to the crew of the Tampa International Airport.. Job well done.
Ron Nash 6
Well, just imagine the stories Hobbs has, to tell Calvin now! - and he's got the photos to prove it! Kudos to the airport staff, who should be given an award for customer care.
Dave Mathes 4
Good thing Calvin wasn't there....Tampa would be closed for a month!
Alain QQN 5
super - Loving story
WhiteKnight77 4
This made the news here earlier this week and it was nice to see airport personnel go the extra mile to ensure the boy got Hobbes back in one piece and a story to tell about it. I wonder how many airports would go that extra mile? Good on Tampa.
phineasfreak 3
I'm going to visit the info desk at KTPA.
Len Falkiner 1
I think Tony the Tiger would say......GRRRRRRRRREAT!!!!! story. Good for the Tampa International Airport staff.

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