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More GA aircraft are being repossessed

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In a sign that the "Great Recession" has yet to truly recede, planes continued to be fodder for the Repo Man. ( עוד...

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mike oakman 0
I wonder how does one go about finding the solution to the problem for GA mid-class folks? I felt that LSA was going to be the answer. Have you priced one? I have found 2 that caught my attention until I came to the price tag, $150K to $200K plus and minus, ready to go. And now we have all this hype about the LSA Flying CAR, but for $194K. Where is AOPA and their creative talent in coming up some way of helping on GA Financing?
Thomas Moore 0
Wow.. My lawn mower only cost 850 bux.. cant compete with that..
Thomas Moore 0
Made 3 payments on that even !

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