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Boeing reviews 757 Replacement Requirements

Boeing says airline requirements for a potential 757 replacement or middle-of-the-market (MOM) sector aircraft are coalescing on performance targets that will not only be tough to reach but also challenging to meet in a modular design that could also be scaled down to replace the 737. ( More...

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Dubslow 1
Any chance to get the article out from behind the registration wall?
wx1996 2
Sorry, I thought it was an open article. I missed the ICON showing locked. I wish we could remove our own squawks. I find it annoying when you have to register. I need another cup of coffee, maybe I will see better after that.

Again, sorry for the poor post.
preacher1 1
You will have to go to Google and read about it. They can opt for performance all they want but if the keep the lines and performance of the 757, they will have labor peace forever. They are a pilot's machine.


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