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Flight Attendant Who Refused Muslim Chaplain Unopened Can Will No Longer Serve United Customers

“Upon hearing this, I was utterly shocked, and said, ‘How dare you say I could use it as a weapon,’ Ahmad said. “I asked the passengers sitting around me if they had witnessed what she had just said to me, and a man sitting across the aisle said, ‘You Moslem, shut the F up.'” ( More...

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My question is why is nobody else who was onboard speaking as well? When AirTran kicked all those Jewish kids from Brooklyn off the flight and they kicked up a fuss, the other passengers onboard spoke up. I want to hear more from others onboard before making a judgement. Unless someone has a recording of what occurred, this is all just hearsay.
paul trubits 3
This is unusual for United. Their MO is to treat everyone equally badly. I was on a half empty flight. The FA would let px change seats, but not into the "premium" seats. For what it is worth: their new 9 series 737's are nice,
pjshield 3
An airline will always serve 'cokes' in a plastic or paper cup - these are FREE and this method prevents excess waste. When you PURCHASE a drink, then you have a right to ask for it any way you'd like. Alcoholic beverages are free in first class and business (you've already paid the big bucks) and you will receive the unopened mini or can and you can ask to have it in a glass if you wish.
bbabis 7
I love all races and religions and we would all get along better if it weren't for what I despise, ACTIVISTS! Ahmad clearly falls in this category and plays the system.
Pileits 6
STOP this politically correctness stuff. Get over yourselves people!
Yes... let's stop doing our best to treat each other equally as humans, and say that it's okay to denigrate or offend certain classes of citizens whenever we feel like it. Great idea!
Kevin Cooney 3
Phony complaint and United caves right in to a professional troublemaker. The "STFU" part of the story leads me to believe this was all one big lie.
David Stark 4
Fired over a can of pop! I will no longer fly United. BTW siriusloon the other can you referred to was a can of beer that he paid dearly for. I think he can expect to get an unopened can. It probably would have been better had the attendant just used an unopened can of soda, the whole thing would have never happened then. However, I am getting sick of people playing the race card when they perceive that they have been denied something. Even if we were all treated equally without bias as human beings somebody would find something to complain about in hopes of getting something for free.
linbb 2
What the heck is this anyway they have guidelines to follow and the flight attendant was doing just that. Just another person who thought they were above the rules because they were a Muslim which they think are better than anyone else.
siriusloon 8
Then why didn't she follow the rule when she gave an unopened can to another passenger? You can't cherrypick which version of the rule you want to apply to select people.
Tim Marks 1
A few thoughts here. Does the airline policy require all soda cans to be opened upon serving to any and all passengers? Policy should have dictated the outcome. That being said, no passengers should be given soda cans. Closed they can be used as a weapon probably once and it would likely split open. Open they can be a more effective weapon using the sharp edge of a torn open can to make a razor. When passenger safety is at stake, all things must be considered and this 'ruling' by United execs should result in the non-distribution of any sode cans to all passengers for the above noted reason.
sparkie624 1
Depends on the airline, but most of the time it is up to the Flight Attendant.... LOL, most of them know me and when they pass me they just either give me a full bottle of water or coke without me saying anything... Most of them knew me :)
Joe Daniel 1
What about the pilot that apologized for his ‘white privilege’?
Joe Daniel 1
Other than the headline, where is the story on the FA?
Having thought on and re-read the reporting of this incident, the injured party should of course get redress, the attendant get some measure of retraining and that gas mouth across the isle be identified, prosecuted and forever barred from all air flight upon commercial services.

Sometimes, incidents like this can go 'viral' and end up with innocent lives being lost thousands of miles away with an ISIL execution of an innocent aid worker.

Find the idiot with the fat mouth and put a lid on this incident before it gets beyond control.
Injured party! That's funny.
sparkie624 0
The only injured party here is the Flight Attendant that can no longer serve passengers... The decision she made was the right one.
Forgive me please but the term 'injured party's is a legal term used when describing and constructing a defence in cases presented to court. I speak as a qualified UK lawyer so if US law sees different, I apologize.

I retain and confirm my original opinions.

I still await news of the arrest or apprehension of the guttermouth on that flight that made the said 'injured party' seek redress and justice.
I understand the legal def but I don't see how she was injured. Also, here we have freedom of speech. Not against the law to tell someone to shut up as far as I know.
sparkie624 1
Since she is longer serving passengers that either means she was downgraded and presumably not flying or was fired from the company.... That is considered being injured in legal terms, and if she wants to pursue it, it could get some good media attention.
The "she " I was referring to was the pax.
sparkie624 1
She was not injured... By her wearing her hijab she was representing herself as being muslin thus having the reputation of being a trouble maker. She was not damaged in anyway, and if anything she was the instigator...
canuck44 -4
This is BS....she should have been banned from flying on United and the flight attendant promoted. This was a set up from the word go. The Muslim has deep ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and multiple other radical organizations. She has had a number of other "incidents" consistent with her status as a member of the Perpetually Aggrieved.

In fact she should be on a No Fly list so she can drive to DC the next time she is invited to the White House by Husein.
Who makes a fuss over a damn can of opened coke anyway. Maybe somebody trying to stir sh-t.
David Stark 2
I wonder how many free tickets United will give her?
siriusloon -7
If this had happened to you, you'd be wailing and crying all over Faux News.
Joe Daniel 1
WOW! This is obviously a very well thought out and subjective counterpoint offered by siriusloon.
canuck44 4
Siniusloon must be forgiven...he doesn't understand that at least FOX will report it unlike the government sponsored media and unlike government television he gets in Canada which is roughly equivalent to CNN International.
David Stark 1
Is this true she has been involved in other altercations?
canuck44 1
Here is a compilation of her "achievements" Here friends and family are threatening to boycott United...a bonus for them, but they will cave to try to prevent lawsuits. Look up the word "taqiyya" and you will be able to understand the mindset.
sharon bias 0
Talk about not using common sense. An ink pen is a better weapon than a can of COKE.
Not really. Got to get close to use a pen. Put a can of soda in a pillow case (or similar) and use it like club to bash an opponent at farther than arms length. Just saying.
sparkie624 2
Get the top off, not that hard, as any key will cut a coke can, and now you have one hell of a cutting edge...
sparkie624 -3
That is BS.... I do not blame her, and I would not have either... The muslin's in general have earned their reputation and we as a nation are a dumb enough to see how far they can push.... It would not surprise me to find that this person was a plant to do just what she did and then get someone planing something to use a drink can for just that purpose... Muslin's do not like us nor what we stand for, but we welcome than anyway....
Tim Duggan 5 wrote "Muslin", hey sunshine? Muslin is a FABRIC used to make clothes. Also, an apostrophe usually does not denote a plural.
sparkie624 1
I am certainly not a Poet... I fix planes...
Spark was just gettin confused between the religion and the hijab.
adzoz -1
You are BS and ignorant as hell
sparkie624 1
you must be muslin... Look at the facts....

1.) Who took over the planes on 911
2.) What religion was the Boston Bomber
3.) What religion was the shooter at the Texas Military Base
4.) 2009 Bronx terrorism plot (plot to shoot down military airplanes)

The list goes on and on, why should we like, respect, or tolerate them in any way or fashion.... Look at ISIS... DOH...

Check out

and seeing that you have only been in FA for 3 years, Never Posted an Article or Photo and your only comment in 3 years is to tell me that I am ignorant....

Now if I am riding on a plane that has a Towel Head so to speak, 1 I want to be behind them, and 2 I am going to be ready for defense in some fashion.... I do not like or trust them in any way, not because of being Muslin, but because of what they have proven to be by their actions.


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