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Military plane (Airbus A400) crashes in Spain, killing up to 10

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MADRID (AP) — Spain's prime minister says a military transport plane has crashed near southwestern Seville airport killing its crew. ( עוד...

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Torsten Hoff 1
All people on board were Airbus employees conducting a test flight of a recently completed A400M. The aircraft was destined for the Turkish Air Force.
C Anderson 1
Production test flying is inherently dangerous. I lost two good friends, both well experienced high-time pilots, in the crash of a newly manufactured aircraft during the takeoff phase of the initial production test flight. Examination of the wreckage found that the ailerons had been rigged backwards. For unknown reasons, the condition was not observed during either pre-flight or run-up. There were no survivors.
linbb 0
Tragic accident for them. I find the report strange as do not remember seeing anything
about having problems with the AC or its program. One can read about Boeings 787 almost
weekly here but nothing negative about any Airbus programs.
microwalda 2
The A400M program have been a nightmare for Airbus. They had problem with engines, delays on delivery date, ...
Just goolge a bit and you'll find many things related to this aircraft.
Torsten Hoff 2
Investigators have interviewed one of the two survivors, who indicated that there was a multiple engine failure shortly after take-off -- it isn't clear how many of the engines were affected, or the geometry of the failure. The aircraft lost speed and altitude and collided with a high voltage power line while trying to return to the airport.
C Anderson 1
I agree. Boeing's programs are usually more open to us, but I read somewhere that the Spanish crew reported some kind of problem on takeoff of this tragic A400 flight.
microwalda 0
A400M crashes on take-off from Seville airport
matt jensen 0
Better with 10 instead of 300. RIP
matthew haney 0
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Brand New Airbus A400M Atlas Cargo Plane crashes in Spain

Check flight being performed in preparation of delivery goes wrong.
matthew haney -1
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Up to five dead as military plane crashes into field near airport in Seville, Spain

A military plane has crashed into a factory near Seville airport in southern Spain with up to 10 feared dead
Jan F -1
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Military plane crashes in Spain

A military aircraft crashed in Spain on Saturday morning, killing three people.
btweston -1
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Airbus A400M Military Aircraft Crashes on Take Off in Spain

Airbus Group NV said an A400M military transport aircraft preparing for delivery to a customer crashed on a test flight in Seville, potentially dealing a setback to Europe’s biggest defense program.
matthew haney 0
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Airbus A400M crashes in Spain, killing 4

Speculation was plane was performing series of test flights prior to delivery.
Sainulabid Pothangodan -1
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Image: Airbus A400M crashes in Spain

An Airbus A400M new generation airlifter crashed near Sevilla Airport, Spain, today at around 13:00 local time during a flight test.

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