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Eastern gets ready to fly

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Almost a week after obtaining a certification from the DOT, Eastern Air Lines announced that it passes all requirements for an air carrier certification for the FAA. ( עוד...

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preacher1 4
I would say on one hand that I hope they have deep pockets, but part of that is evidenced by them getting this far. The future is what will be interesting.
linbb 2
I agree worked years ago for a fellow whose father and his brothers started
what turned into Eastern. They also had a pilot called Lindberg working for
them. Was Robertson Airlines I think they called it. Been a few years since.
matt jensen 2
Yeah, I had several buddies who flew their DC10's on South American routes. Rickenbacker was the primary in the early years and I once had Frank Borman as a pax - he later became their CEO
mary susan watkins -1
mr Jensen..eastern airlins flew
matt jensen 1
I had 50 yrs experience with Braniff, Eastern, PanAmerican, NWO and others long gone now. I'm happy to see EAL having a second chance.
mary susan watkins 1
don't know what happened to my other comment..i too am happy for the "new eastern"..i am surprised they are using the same old paint scheme.50 years a pilot? bless you! I worked for the old co and for american a total of 30 years and I too saw a lot of changes...

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