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Qantas risks large fines, losing slots at Heathrow for late A380s: internal memo

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Qantas risks significant fines and losing a valuable landing slot at London's heavily congested Heathrow Airport because too many of its flagship A380 super-jumbos have been arriving late, according to internal memos. The late arrival of the A380s at Heathrow resulted in Qantas' on-time performance slipping to 75th out of 80 airlines that flew to Europe's busiest airport in February. Qantas' manager of base operations at Sydney, Captain Martin Gardiner, has warned crews in an… ( עוד...

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munawar khan 1
The problem is more than likely due to the absence of 'fat' in the aircraft inventory.
Qantas is holding back on aircraft purchase options due to a salary dispute with the flight crew - until this is resolved perhaps the better option for the interim period would be to lease a couple of 747-4/747-8/A380 as standby to be used when the designated aircraft for a particular flight is delayed.

It is not safe to press aircraft into service in order to forcefully stick to a schedule - as this policy would inevitably result in cutting corners in maintenance/engineering issues - for sometimes minor issues do snowball into major ones - one realises that airlines are businesses and their number one priority will always remain the
'bottom line' of their accounts - but surely not at the expense of proper maintenance and safety.
preacher1 1
Well, there is no equipment fat so if there is a minor problem it generally turns into a major one. As SWA has failed to look at increased pax count on the newer equipment in affecting their turn times, Qantas must look at the turn time on the 380. Even the small stuff. ATC has even noted that while a 747 can get in the air with about 60 seconds, a 380 can take up to twice that. You cannot turn a 380 in the same time as a 777.

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