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German air controllers urge remote control of planes after crash

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The German air traffic control authority has urged the aviation industry to develop technology that ground staff could use in an emergency to take remote command of a plane, which could help prevent a repeat of a Germanwings crash last month. Investigators believe that co-pilot Andreas Lubitz locked his captain out of the cockpit and deliberately crashed the Germanwings plane into a French mountainside on March 24, killing all 150 people onboard. "We have to think past today's… ( עוד...

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Ken McIntyre 8
And what if a controller goes bonkers?
sparkie624 2
Then all the PAX and maybe a lot of people get Bonkered! so to speak...
flyingcookmosnter 1
Good point. I guess at least controllers are in a room full of other controllers (especially TRACON and ARTCC folks) so probably harder for one guy to go remote-kamikaze without alerting others.
preacher1 1
Well yeah but what about the tower cab. Wherever this guy was Sunday and by himself instead of normally 4 when he brought that JAL in nearly on top of the mx buggy. You can't protect against everything.
Colin Seftel 7
If this is adopted it creates the opportunity to hijack an aircraft without having to be on board.
linbb 3
They must have some good stuff over there to smoke as its beyond reason as there have been many time controllers have screwed up causing plane crashes due to there directions to the pilot.
matt jensen 1
Several pax on MH370 had created that system.
sparkie624 2
I love to look at headlines, this was not thought of too well... So now after a plane crashes they want to fly it on Remote Control :)

All Jokes AsideL
I know one thing for sure... I do not want to fly on a Pilotless plane... BAD IDEA... I am a specialist in Avionics/Electrical systems.... Not enough safe guards when things fail...
Torsten Hoff 0
I'd rather fly on a plane being remotely controlled by a sane person than on one with a suicidal pilot.
James Derry 2
....and when you consider that the security of almost ANY system can be compromised, you are willing to let a group of hackers take control of several aircraft at one time and crash them all????? That will be the next thing!

How many years have we had manned aircraft and how many have been downed by a sick-in-the -head pilot? So you get a nutcase, and in GERMANY of all places, the checks and systems all fail to keep him out of the cockpit, and the solution is to change EVERYTHING as a kneejerk reaction?

Foolishness at a high level. I will be sailing, before I will be in a remote-controlled aircraft, I can assure you of that!
preacher1 1
preacher1 1
Anybody would Torsten, but how you going to guarantee that a sane person is sitting at the controls on the other end?
sparkie624 1
Someone taking over from remote is one thing... Fully automated cockpit, is another story all together.... Even with that in mind you have planes to where they can take control from the ground... We have proven that we do not have enough security to keep our computers safe... What is to keep a terrorist from hacking from the ground and putting it where they want it... I do not like this technology to take control from the crew... I think it will have a bad ending.
justin chavez 1
And who is going to pay for this? Passengers are already complaining about the cost of airfare.
Curlee M Ware 1
I think a gps-auto control type interface in the aircrafts FMS that recognizes altitude-terrain ie mountains OR over oceans at this location/level and prevents aircraft from CFIT regardless of pilot imput, It would know airport locations and prevent landing/descending below safe altitudes anywhere other than airports compatible with aircraft type.

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