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This Airline Wants to Give You a Wider Seat in Economy Cabin

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Southwest Airlines Co. will give passengers something extra with its newly designed aircraft seats -- more than one-half inch of extra width. At 17.8 inches (45 centimeters) across, the bottom seat cushions will be the widest in the coach cabin of any Boeing Co. 737 in the U.S., according to Southwest, the biggest operator of 737s. The plane is the world’s most widely flown jetliner. ( עוד...

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scott8733 4
Unfortunately, another 12" wouldn't help based on some of the behemoths I have to sit next to when I'm relegated to coach. I'll leave it at that.
Bernie20910 3
A whole half inch? Be still my heart!
John Miller 1
Southwest actually has decent regular seats, unlike other airlines. And, it isn't just in the U.S. I was on an Air France inter-European flight, and man that was tight!
sparkie624 1
With some of these extra wide seats, they need to have the rows 2 X 2... I had to sit between to obese people who could not even lower the arm rest... I could not sit on my butt but on my side... Luckily the FA knew me (company employee) and said the captain would like me to visit the cockpit... I quickly took him up on it.. LOL....

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