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Track airliners by tail number on FlightAware

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FlightAware has added the ability to track an airliner by the registration number for many major airlines. Type in the registration (e.g., N487UA) and track that individual airplane, even if it flies as an airline flight identifier. We'll be adding more airlines as well as increasing data availability over the coming weeks. ( עוד...

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Paul Suter 2
Decoding corporate flight numbers with the actual reg would be sweet too. A lot of them are predictable, but some not so much...
Terry Robinson 1
What was the tail number for Alaska Airlines flight 6 from LAX to DCA on 13 Nov 2013
Kevin Ekstrom 0
There is a problem though, and on the example you're posting. On 26-Jun it shows as a MD-88 for two flights and then later a B763.
Bruce Leibowitz 0
Which airlines are being covered so far? Is it just Delta, UA, and CO? Those are the only ones I could find.
flyoverfred 0
awesome, would be great if it showed the flight number as well during this type of search, but props to flightaware this is a major step
Ardiva Hostetler 0
Is this for ALL commercial airlines or just some?
Ryan Clauson 0
Great job flight aware. Would love to see this integrated for all airlines in the new year to see what tail number we are flying on. As I know there is now website to find out what aircraft your flying on.

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