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(Video) Boeing training on open window operations

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"Boeing 737 window opening on take off and actions to take. Includes window operations on the B717, 737, 757, 767, and 777. Copyright to the Boeing Company" ( עוד...

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744pnf 3
Back in the day...West Coast Airlines had F-27s with the front windshield, a side sliding window, and a window in between on each side which one could open on hinges. 1967, no sims, so all training in the aircraft. In training at one point the trainee would be given a ‘clearview approach’ meaning the trainee had to open the hinged window and make a VFR approach using only that window to see through. (Some Checkairmen would also want to know how many bolts in the front windscreen.)
Daniel Bailey 3
While hand flying at 1500', on a night visual approach to BOS runway 22L in a B737-800, my window slammed open. It was quite noisy, but we continued the landing to a very focused landing. No problems other than surprise and noise. We couldn't really communicate with the tower until after we slowed down to taxi speed and I was able to secure the window. Otherwise, I concur, the bird flies fine with an open window.
Kevin Hamel 1
Unless a bird were to fly into the open window by chance. That would be a mess!
Daniel Bailey 1
I think the airflow around the cockpit windscreens would mostly deflect a bird from the side window but it might smack against the aft pillar.. so, yuck, that would be a mess! ;)
Ryan Jorgenson 2
Yikes I thought he was about to stick his out out @3:07
Alan Macdonald -4
Why does a Boeing training video from 2002 suddenly pop up here now in 2015. Was there a recent event that I missed that caused this to be resurrected. Hmm just thinking too and decided that probably every pilot we saw here is now well and truly retired.

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