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Pilot involved in Gulf cleanup gets fighter escort

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The pilot of a twin-engine Beechcraft being used to apply dispersant on the Gulf oil spill got a jolt Friday afternoon as he approached the Mississippi coast and a couple of F-15 fighter jets swooped alongside him. The fighter pilots, from the 159th Fighter Wing of the Louisiana Air National Guard, were sent to check out the dot that showed up on radar screens with no identification, federal officials said Friday. ( עוד...

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Auro Segarra 0
I think its Ok, if the aircraft don't identified we have to keep and eye in that.
Michael Yockey 0
Best I can tell is that he strayed into the presidential TFR, in which case the issue isnt' really a Mode C issue. Anyone else with other insight?
Chip Hermes 0
This article seems completely confused or at least has no real information!

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