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In-Flight Catalog SkyMall Files for Bankruptcy

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The company behind the in-flight catalog SkyMall filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection Thursday, a victim of evolving rules and technology that now lets airline passengers keep their smartphones and tablets powered up during flight. An auction will be held on or about March 24, Mr. Wiley said, and any sale of SkyMall’s assets will close in April. ( עוד...

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joel wiley 1
Non Paywall version:
sparkie624 1
Hated to see this.. I really like the companies tactics on advertising... great catalogs
btweston 1
Did anyone ever buy any of the strange crap offered in that catalog?
sparkie624 1
Depends on what you call "Strange" and the answer would be Yes... I purchased a Cat Potty Training Kit and it worked great. I also bought a couple small Christmas gifts from them as well... Very good customer service and fast shipping... Certainly had no complaints from them.... I must admit, they did have some weird strange things, and one of may main things with flying was to look at the magazine during the flight.

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